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September 17, 2017

@ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 8pm Greece - Israel - Turkey

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A new cycle is in process for the coming year 2017-2018: Jupiter moves into Scorpio (Oct 2017) and Saturn moves into Capricorn (Dec 2017)

Join these 6 prominent astrologers to find out what these dramatic new cycles are about and how to best navigate the year ahead. 


Presenters and their Perspective


Realistic challenges - not just words any more, something has to be done.
'It is important to remind ourselves that  these issues [today's current affairs] may well become much more than the ‘soap operas’ we follow with passing interest on the 24-news channels.  As Jupiter leaves Libra and Saturn Sagittarius, to enter Scorpio and Capricorn respectively, they  may well become not just worrying items of news, 'over there somewhere', but matters the consequences of which we are all right in the middle of.' [written end July 2017 for The Astrological Journal - September Edition ]



The Bright Side of Saturn in Capricorn





Is this Time for Enlightenment through Darkness?
Jupiter expands everything it touches, in Scorpio, we can expect the expansion of changes, the heightening of extremes, stressing that this could well be a time in which we are faced with vast changes in the structure of power in the world, as well as our greatest challenges to evolve as a society, the most severe dangers, threats & tribulations. Only to accomplish our rebirth and deliverance, or at least - evolution.

On a more personal level, Jupiter in Scorpio can bring the heightening of power trips and Ego trips, as well as, on the more positive side, bring up from the depth of our psyche the hidden, darkest parts of our character so we can observe these 'protocols' within us and cleanse them away.

On the highest level, we are talking about enlightenment (Jupiter) of darkness (Pluto) – Bringing light to the abyss, illuminating our shadow and bringing consciousness to places within us that were obscured from our gaze thus far.

We can also see more sexuality, psychological and covert activities, the expansion and deepening of sexual knowledge and norms, as well as a positive change of approach towards anything that flows deeper than the surface: in the Psychological and covert realms.  
On the most frightening side this could mean hope (Jupiter) must die (Pluto) so it can shine anew.



Money, Soul, Rehab
As Jupiter and Saturn move into water and earth signs respectively, Uranus will soon follow suit as it moves into Taurus in May 2018. A strong change of climate from extroverted to introverted energies is expected. Maurice will explain the greater context of these transits, including a reference to Mars retrograde in Aquarius on the South Node for many months of 2018.




Saturn in Capricorn and its Global Impacts on World Economics
In this OPA Live Event, Öner Döşer will talk about the impacts of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn on World economics and its influences on business life throughout 2018 starting with the 2017 Capricorn Ingress chart.”




The Fixed Cross and the Riddle of Life
In the process of creation and growth, it takes persistent efforts and will to endure the challenges for the awakened man towards the path to purification. In the Fixed Cross, the Soul becomes aware of its existence and fights to sustain it. The ultimate goal is to distance himself from the worldly and physical desire to the conscious desire to liberate. As we move to a period when the Fixed Cross is fully activated, I’m willing to analyze how this concentrated energy is going to affect humanity and how change is the only way to create stability and prosperity. 


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