Enjoy this variety of articles offered by OPA members through the years. Many of these articles were originally published in the Career Astrologer magazine (link), but can now be found here more easily.

House Systems

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by Maurice Fernandez

circle image of maurice fernandezThe dilemma of house system use is part of the astrology study process. Many students usually follow the system used by their mentors, though greater research can be useful to really determine a choice of one’s own. Perhaps, the use of more than one house systems would be the most sensible approach as each House System highlights different things in the chart.

It is crucial to remember that ALL house systems have their valid references and logic. Astrology is a blend of Astronomy/Nature references with Symbolism references, so approaches vary. Some systems will refer more heavily on astronomical coordinates, while others will rely more heavily on the symbolism references.

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Sedna and the new spiritual revolution!

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Sedna is a trans–Neptunian object (most likely a Dwarf planet, but yet to be confirmed) in the outer reaches of our Solar System. It was discovered on 14 November 2003 by Michael Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz at Palomar Observatory near San Diego.  Sedna has the longest orbital period which is calculated around 11.400 years and its orbit is extremely eccentric making her having unequal transit time per zodiac sign  - 1000 years in Sagittarius to 42 years in Gemini - Sedna’s orbital eccentricity is 0.84413 and her orbital inclination to the ecliptic is 11.928 degrees.

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A Review of Coups in the Recent History of Turkey

by Öner DÖŞER

Following the July 15 failed attempt to overthrow current Turkish leader Erdogan, Oner Doser provides an in-depth analysis of the different coups in the history of Turkey to understand astrological patterns related to this type of event.

I believe that Uranus on the South Node in proximity to the MC in the astrology chart of Turkey reflects the repeated crises Turkish people have faced as a result of several coups and related attempts, causing considerable upsets, tarnishing the image of the country in the eyes of the foreign countries. Additionally, Mars, in Libra in its detriment and in the 4th house, making a partile square with the Ascendant and Pluto in the 1st house captures those military interventions that often hinder the progress of the country. Libra is related with democracy while Mars is related with the military and forceful interventions; so Mars is not comfortable in the Libra (considered in detriment).

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