OPA Astrology Store LogoA Review of Coups in the Recent History of Turkey

by Öner DÖŞER

Following the July 15 failed attempt to overthrow current Turkish leader Erdogan, Oner Doser provides an in-depth analysis of the different coups in the history of Turkey to understand astrological patterns related to this type of event.

I believe that Uranus on the South Node in proximity to the MC in the astrology chart of Turkey reflects the repeated crises Turkish people have faced as a result of several coups and related attempts, causing considerable upsets, tarnishing the image of the country in the eyes of the foreign countries. Additionally, Mars, in Libra in its detriment and in the 4th house, making a partile square with the Ascendant and Pluto in the 1st house captures those military interventions that often hinder the progress of the country. Libra is related with democracy while Mars is related with the military and forceful interventions; so Mars is not comfortable in the Libra (considered in detriment).

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) seized political power twice in 1960 and in 1980 and additional unsuccessful attempts occurred in 1969, 1971 and recently in 2016.

Based on parcelling the world map according to the zodiac signs by ancient astrologers, Turkey is considered to be under the territory of Virgo (reference: Afred J. Pearce, Textbook of Astrology, AFA, 1970, pp 273-275). Therefore, the transits of outer planets in Virgo and/or eclipses in Virgo-Pisces axis often prompt significant political events in the country. Virgo is located at the IC of Turkey’s astrology chart, the 4th house which naturally represents the domestic affairs.

When Pluto, the slowest moving planet, changes sign or makes aspects with other planets, it often triggers mundane events. It entered Virgo on October 20, 1956, then retrograded back to Leo, only to finally move completely into the sign of Virgo on June 20, 1958. This means that Pluto went in and out of Virgo between October 20, 1956 and June 1958. When we examine this period in line with the history of Turkish Republic, it marked the time that a group of officers were arrested and prosecuted with the crime of preparing conspiracy towards the government. Nine officers were arrested on December 26, 1957 on the grounds that they would attempt a coup in Istanbul on January 16, 1958.

Military Coup on May 27, 1960

Pluto was in 3° Virgo in 1960. It was the first successful coup in the Republic of Turkey which was orchestrated by a group of officers within the Turkish Armed Forces claiming that the existing democratically elected government was repressive and the cause of a civil war. The coup removed the ruling party from governance eventually leading to the execution of the Prime minister and two of his ministers. The trial procedures where highly criticized in Turkey and are still the subject of conversation to this day.

In the chart erected for May 27, 1960 at 03:15am (chart 2), we see Mars, the significator of military forces, in Aries where it is strong and Saturn, the significator of authority figures and the government, in Capricorn where it is strong. The applying square between these two planets, considered malefics, describes how the tension between the military forces and the government reached a climax.

On the day of the coup, the North Node which was at 21° Virgo had a conjunction with Denebola, a fixed star. Bernadette Brady, an Australian astrologer expert in the subject of Fixed Stars, defines that Denebola represents the native who is against the consensus opinion or the social order and as a result can be a persecutor or be persecuted. The fixed star represents the tendency to be against established concepts and rules and seeing the world from different perspectives. These differences in opinions may bring frictions. Keeping the 21st degree of Virgo in mind, let’s interpret the chart of coup on Turkey’s astrology chart.


Planet accumulated in Gemini in the chart of the coup falls into the 12th house of Turkey’s astrology chart, which – in addition to its other meanings – represents secret plans, actions and organisations, reserved places like prisons and captives.

Nodes in the Virgo/Pisces axis signify that the eclipses also occurred in these signs of the zodiac. Eclipses are crucial tools in order to understand cyclical mundane events. Solar and Lunar eclipses that occur before or just after crucial events give us specific information about the possible developments of that time and also provide important connection when examine together with the country charts. Although durations of the eclipses differ, we see them often active for about a year following their occurrences.

Let us go a few months prior to the coup in May 27, 1960 and have a look at to the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred prior to the event on October 2, 1959 and examine the chart of this eclipse, which occurred in 8 degrees Libra, together with Turkey’s astrology chart. Below, you may see those two charts together; inner wheel is Turkey’s astrology chart and the outer wheel is the chart of that eclipse.


The eclipse which occurred on 8 degrees Libra makes a conjunction with Turkey’s natal Mars in Libra. This conjunction reflects the fact that this eclipse activated the Mars energy of the Turkish chart, associated with defence and military issues.

1980 Turkish coup d’état
September 12, 1980 coup d’état is an intervention of the Turkish Armed Forces that was executed under the chain of command. It is the third coup d’état in the history of the Republic, the previous having been the 1960 coup and the 1971 “Coup by Memorandum”.

It is surprising to see Venus, the planet of peace, on the horizon in the chart erected for September 12, 1980, 03:00 (the time that the tanks began moving). However, then we see that Venus in Leo is applying to square with Mars in Scorpio in an angular house.

Both transiting Jupiter and Saturn are in Virgo along with the Sun. Jupiter is in conjunction with the star Denebola on 20 degrees Virgo! Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is in square with the Moon of Turkey, representing that economy and politics undergo challenges. Transiting Sun in partile square with Neptune, describing the fragility of the leadership in question.

When we examine the chart of the coup projected on Turkey’s natal chart, we witness that some crucial points are again triggered. Below you may see those two charts together.
Transiting Neptune makes a trine aspect to the transiting North Node and Turkey’s natal Neptune. Transiting Sun and Jupiter, positioned close to Turkey’s natal IC, activate that angle. Saturn is also in transit from Turkey’s natal IC describing challenges in domestic affairs, a karmic repercussion or an internal feud.

Transiting Pluto conjuncts natal Mercury-Saturn, describing behind the scenes manipulations (Mercury is the ruler of the 12th house), inner conflicts (Mercury is also the ruler of the 4th house), open enemies, ideologies which became a matter of life or death (Saturn is the ruler of the 7th and 8th houses), problems within the academic environment (Saturn is the ruler of the 9th house) reaching a critical mass.

More importantly, Mars representing military actions is on 7 degrees Scorpio and triggering Turkey’s natal Sun. This is a period when the military forces (Mars) and the authority figures of the country (Sun) are within a kind of settlement with each other.

Now, we will have a look at a highly intense New Moon chart,when the coup on September 12 took place just three days later. The New Moon degree was exactly conjunction Turkey’s natal IC. Jupiter in conjunction with Denebola where the MC stands on the New Moon chart for Ankara (Turkey’s Capital city). Moreover, Jupiter was exactly square Neptune, a recurrence from Turkey’s natal chart! Such a recurrence can confirm that the promise of the natal chart will manifest. Transiting Mercury and Saturn are conjunct at 28 degrees Virgo, again a recurring aspect also present in the natal chart and activating these themes. We see again that slow moving planets are transiting the sign of Virgo, along with a stellium in Virgo in the chart of the New Moon.

Looking back a few months prior to the 1980 coup d’état, Mars-Saturn were in conjunction on 21 degrees Virgo exactly on the Fixed Star Denebola, which happens to be close to Turkey’s IC.

Progressed Chart
In the secondary progressed chart, progressed Moon is at 25 degrees Scorpio, very close to the degree of natal Jupiter and transiting Mars. before and it is triggering transit Mars at the time of the attempt. All these elements showcase that the country experiences an extremely unstable and critical period of time.

The sign where the Moon’s in secondary progressed chart is vital as it represents our emotional state. With the Progressed Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio, this means that the Moon has been in the sign of Scorpio for approximately 2 years (1 degree per month) and it will take five more months to ingress into Sagittarius. Moon in Scorpio in progressed charts is related with a strong desire for purification and refinement. Some emotional pain is usually expected and there is a need for overcome the difficulties, often leading to an position of empowerment when the challenge is conquered.

Progressed Venus is also at 13 degrees Pisces is square Progressed Jupiter at 13 Sagittarius, and coming into conjunction with natal. These different factors also describe that the peace is disturbed.

Eclipses around this date: The total Solar Eclipse in March 9, 2016 occurred at 18 degrees Pisces, conjunct Turkey’s MC. This configuration describes unexpected shakeups with the government. The eclipse is also opposing Jupiter in Virgo (in Turkey’s 4th house) and T-Squaring Saturn in Sagittarius in Turkey’s 6th house.

The following eclipse was a penumbral lunar eclipse in March 23, 2016 at 3 degrees Libra, conjunct Turkey’s natal Mars (7 Libra).

Notice that North Node in both eclipse charts conjuncts the fixed star Denebola.

As this article is being written in August 2016, we are getting closer to the Mars-Saturn conjunction at 9 degrees Sagittarius on the fixed Star of Antares. This conjunction, falling in the 6th house of the natal chart, will likely re-activate military issues.


From these events, we can see that there is an astrological correlation between the different coups and attempts in this recent history of Turkey. Transits of slow moving planets in Virgo, retrograde motions and eclipses in that sign correspond with coups/attempted coups in our country.

The recurrence of the 21 degree Virgo in these different revolutionary event is associated with the Fixed Star Denebola, located at 21 Virgo 38, however to quote fellow astrologer Baris Ilhan, “Natal Mars’s Contrascia is at 22 degrees Virgo. What a perfect indicator for a military coup !”