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OPA Education Foundation – 501C3

This new non-profit has been incorporated by OPA to serve the needs of the members for retreats, conferences, lectures and workshops, magazine, books and other educational materials. The directors were chosen by the 2020-2022 OPA Board to continue the work of providing these educational opportunities for OPA members.

Board Members


President’s Role:
The President is responsible for running and overseeing all aspects of OPA’s activities.

  • This includes all talks, workshops, speaker events, finances, marketing, by-law review, organizational development, publications, and conferences.
  • Represents OPA—its core values and programs—with dignity and respect.
  • Drafts agendas for Board of Directors and team meetings.
  • Facilitates Board of Directors and team/committee meetings.
  • Creates Board teams and committees as needed and makes personnel appointments.
  • Responsible for visioning and strategic planning.
  • Writes quarterly President’s Column for The Evolving Astrologer.
  • Coordinates between OPA and other astrology organizations, including UAC

Vice President’s Role:

  • Assumes President’s duties when President is unable to do so for any reason.
  • Backs up and supports the President’s responsibilities on the Board and is a confidant and sounding board for the President.
  • Assists and supports other Board Members with their tasks. Assumes any role necessary when designated director is unable to.
  • Mediates when parties are conflicted.
  • Leads with the President OPA’s Ethics Committee

Treasurer’s Role:

  • Maintains a positive balance in the account
  • Oversees preparation of fiscal reports to be distributed at Board Meetings
  • Oversees payment of bills and maintenance of OPA checking account by the Operations Manager and Bookkeeper
  • Coordinates with accountants to file OPA Foundation’s annual IRS tax returns
  • Works with the Operations Manager to prepare the annual budget

Recording Secretary’s Role:

  • Sets up Board meetings, records and takes notes, and prepares Minutes of each meeting for approval by Board
  • Sets up conference calls and organizes other meetings as needed.
  • Takes minutes for the annual Board Meeting, and any other significant organization meeting, and archives them.

Marketing Director’s Role:

  • Creates vision for all of OPA’s marketing activities
  • Coordinates and oversees board members and assistants in all areas of marketing.
  • Sets up Facebook Events & Groups — monitors advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Promotes all education activities including presentations, workshops, conferences and retreats
  • Works with all consultants regarding advertising

Online Outreach Director’s Role:

  • Organizes and hosts the Speaker Series
  • Trains and supervises event moderators
  • Maintains OPA’s continual visibility with the public.
  • Assumes the functions of the Program Director when necessary.
  • Introduces OPA to the greater astrology community and the general public.

Education Director’s Role:

  • Oversees the vision for all of OPA’s Educational programs
  • Oversees OPA Certification events (along with the OPA board, assistants and OPA Membership team): Peer Group, Consulting Skills, and Astronomy for Astrologers.
  • Oversees conference and retreat production
  • Ensures Zoom links and Emails are created and scheduled for all events

Publications Director’s Role:

  • Leads and oversees the production of The Evolving Astrologer four times a year, online and in print.
  • Oversees other OPA publications, online and in print.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and distribution of OPA promotional materials.

Media Director’s Role:

  • Maintains YouTube video library
  • Oversees all recordings of events and ensures correct distribution or uploading
  • Assists with educational activities
  • Supports writing and editing projects

Satellite Director’s Role:
The Satellite Director is in charge of all international satellite activities, ensuring they are supported to offer webinars, OPA Café’s, translation of articles, certification trainings in their language, and all other needed support.

Program Director’s Role:
The Program Director is in charge of Mercury Hour and other lectures, workshops and events, managing the speaker selection process with a selection team, and ensuring that events operate smoothly.