I-Astrologer 2016

It is time to take your astrology practice to new heights!

OPA is organizing an incredible event on Astrology Day 2016 (March 18-20) in Athens, Georgia, designed to help participants enhance their astrology practice.

This is the first ever event organized exclusively to support astrologers and the practice of astrology.
Fulfill your calling to become a full time astrologer - and successfully so!

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About the program 

<h4">"I was not just being a Libra and saying flattering things when I said the OPA Confrence in Athens was life changing. Over the past month I have been flooded with clients. My career goal is to have my practice in full bloom by the time the sun reaches my north node at 18 Leo. It looks like I'm going to get close to meeting that goal. I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone that gave me fuel for my practice."

V.S - 2016

I-Astrologer - PART I (March 18-20) - Creating a Successful Practice

DAY 1 (March 18)

Veteran Astrologers, each with a full time practice, will share their insights about what it takes today to make it as a successful full time astrologer. They will speak about the existing market, about ways to generate clients, how to write attractive blogs, how to price your services, and many other items crucial for creating and sustaining a successful practice.

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The Faculty:

Rick Levine: 

- So you want to be an Astrologer? The romantic notion of being a professional astrologer is different from the actuality. Why do people choose astrology as a profession? What skills are required? What’s it really like? How do you prepare for going into business as an astrologer? How do you decide what kind of astrology to practice? Is certification important? how about licensing or marketing? And then, how much do you charge? Where do you find clients? How do you grow your business? What about bookkeeping and taxes? So many questions... Where to begin?

 - Using the Internet to Build Your Astrology Business. Once upon a time, an astrologer hung out his or her shingle, took an ad in the yellow pages, and was in business. It was as simple as that. Now, in the age of the Internet, Skype, Social Media, YouTube, Twitter and more, the model has changed. These days, you’re as likely to have a client in Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, or Memphis — no matter where you live. Planet Earth has shrunk. So, how do you get the word out? How can you build a clientele? How can you use the digital media to establish and grow your consulting business?

- How to write Attractive Blogs. Rick Levine will share his insights on writing blogs on the internet. While many astrologers write blogs, we are never certain about how many people read and benefit from them. Learn from Rick who has extensive experience writing on the internet, publishing books, and publishing videos on You-tube.

Kay Taylor: 

- Love, Counseling, and Marketing

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou.

We can spend lots of time studying astrology and creating an amazing website and social media presence, but people are hungry for connection. They want to be seen, heard and respected--as we all do. As astrologers we have an interesting balance to maintain because people come to us for guidance and would be disappointed generally if they do all of the talking. They also want to feel cared for. In my psychosynthesis teacher’s last book before he died, he wrote this controversial line: “Whatever you do, do not let them dissuade you from loving your clients”. With so much concern about boundaries and ethics, what does this mean and how can it be accomplished? What happens when we actually love our clients with a clear heart? If you can learn to do this authentically you will be creating a service that sells itself. 

Maurice Fernandez: 

- Astrology, Yesterday and Today: where do we go and how to address mainstream criticism. The use of Astrology has changed over the centuries, and even in the past decades, and so have our client's needs. Astrology today is perceived differently and so are the needs and issues of the 21st century. We will discuss the cultural context, ways to address criticism against astrology, and the how to understand the needs of each generation, when clients come for guidance.

- Make your Practice Lucrative: Width, Heights, and Depth Many of us enjoy working as astrologers, but too many of us struggle to make it a full time profession providing a comfortable income. This is gradually changing as more people choose astrology as their first profession and do not wait for retirement time to be able to offer their service. Maurice will provide guidelines to launch and enhance your astrology practice, and successfully so!

Anne Ortelee: 

- The Financial Management of your Astrology Practice Come and explore the various ways to generate income from your Astrology Practice based on your natal chart's advice and guidance. We will work on creating a customized business plan that supports your vision of your astrology practice. Pricing, financial practices and other business considerations are included.

Special Guests: Arlan and Julian Wise

- Blogs, Articles, and Books - Write it well, and publish! Never before have writing skills been so critical to the establishment of a successful astrological practice. In this era of marketing and self-promotion your public perception is shaped by the quality of your writing. Astrological writing is tasked with translating intricate symbolism into language that’s accessible to readers; clear, concise writing is essential to accomplish this. Fortunately, there's no need to enroll in lengthy courses or pore through volumes of How-To-Write books to learn how to improve your writing; this workshop will provide specific techniques and practices that can be applied immediately. It will also explore the importance of editing and the nature of the writer/editor relationship in the publishing process. 

(The Writing Workshop will take place on Day 2)

DAY 2 (March 19)

Meet professionals who can support you in your practice and learn about ways to increase your success. These professionals are not astrologers, they are branding designers who can design your logo, take professional photographs for your website and other professional purposes, they are editors who can help you write effectively, and software developers.

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Branding and Website Design: 

A photoshoot session is included in your registration! This guarantees a fresh, modern, and professional look that will serve you for your website, and for any event listing you may be involved with.

You will meet website designers offering packages for different budgets and needs (websites that may include online stores, and are responsive to smart-phone and tablet formats).

Navigating Professional Astrology Software:

Learning the use professional astrology software. As a professional, it is time to drop the free online chart generators and use a reliable software. Join this class and learn to navigate professional astrology software, including some of the "less obvious," but useful features.

Take maximum Advantage of Social Media:

How to optimize your use of Facebook and Twitter? These social media platforms can serve as free advertisement, but they are constantly evolving and offer new opportunities for professional astrologers. We will discuss how to use them to your advantage.

Magnetize Clients through your Writing:

Writing a blog is nice, but your writing style can sometimes determine how many clients you will attract. Speak with editors to better understand how to write, and maximize your magnetism online.


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DAY 3 (March 20 - Astrology Day!)

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Participants will be divided in smaller groups and join one of the mentors. In this intimate and casual atmosphere, discuss the personal vision of your practice. What do you envision for the coming year, where do you want to go with your astrology career? Through the group exchange, get new ideas, and receive guidance from your mentor about the best ways to materialize your vision, increase your income, and use your talents.

The mentorship process with your group will continue beyond the actual event. You will schedule 3 group calls in the course of the year where you will continue the sharing process and discuss your progress and struggles with your mentor and group.

Astrology Day Initiation! Stay tuned for details on the special celebration!

Take your Astrology practice seriously, and join this incredible event!

Contact Kate Rusko for questions about the program or accommodations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Registration Cost for Part I:

Early Bird 1: $390 (until Nov 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Early Bird 2: $430 (until Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Full Cost: $460 (After Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

You can include lunches in your registration, ($15 per lunch).

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I-Astrologer - PART ii (March 21-23) - Peer Group Work

The initiation continues! This second part is designed for practicing astrologers who want to elevate their practice.

This is OPA's signature program: Peer Group Work.

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 Participants will break into groups of 4 (maximum) and discuss the details of their practice with their peers. This highy successful program is treasured by all its participants, and those who are interested can be certified by OPA through this program.

(For more details about the Certification Process click here)

DAY 1 (March 21)

Discuss client work - how to improve the dynamics and performance, and speak about clients you had difficulties with. The group will provide feedback on the issues that were brought up.

DAY 2 (March 22)

Share your style of chart reading. Each participant is invited to analyze the chart of another partcipant. This is a perfect way to learn about different techniques and see how astrologers each draw different themes from the same chart.

DAY 3 (March 23)

Your vision, your business plan, your future. Put numbers to your dreams! This is a time to discuss and write down how to make your dreams come true, how to practically make your practice successful, fulfilling and enjoyable. This is a time to discuss how to take things higher, or perhaps scale it down...whatever is in line for your astrology practice and yourself to thrive!

Registration costs for Part II

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Early Bird 1: $350 (until Nov 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Early Bird 2: $390 (until Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Full Cost: $420 (After Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

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Package Deal for Part I & II

Early Bird 1: $680 (until Nov 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Early Bird 2: $730 (until Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

Full Cost: $780 (After Feb 15) Includes exclusive photoshoot and full 3 day event

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Cancellation fee: $75 until February 1, $150 until March 1, no refund after March 1