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Many of us feel the calling to become astrologers, it has tremendous meaning to us, but what does it take to be successful and thrive as a practicing astrologer? I-Astrologer is the event where OPA provides guidance and opportunities for practicing astrologers and aspiring ones to succeed - We will address both the practical and financial questions as well as the creative and ethical considerations. The world needs more astrologers, and good ones! Join us in Tucson, Arizona to help you realize this higher calling.

PART I - Tools, Strategies, & Opportunities - the essential package to deliver your services effectively and expand your reach.
PART II - Peer Group Sessions and Consulting Skills - deep process experience to learn from fellow professionals and be a better consultant.

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Part I

OPA has called some of the leading experts in each field to provide you with tools and critical advice where you may need it the most:

  • Marketing your services effectively.
  • Using Social Media effectively - it is free and useful for astrologers to share their gifts
  • Expanding your skills to use the leading software in the industry.
  • Polishing your Writing skills - create professional blogs, articles, or write your book.
  • Learning to create attractive presentations and videos that will stand out and get higher viewing reach - for podcasts and public speaking opportunities.
  • Building a website that will elevate your image and credibility, not sink it.
  • Understand the legalities of managing a practice.
  • And much more...


A panel will assess the most promising astrologers who will be granted an amazingly generous scholarship -

  • $1500 or more toward building/improving your website or toward setting up your practice.
  • $2500 toward further astrology education or investment in your business plan.
  • Public speaking opportunities at major astrology conferences.
  • Getting published by OPA or other magazines.

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Every participant will book a 10 minute session for a professional photoshoot - Bring your glittering attire!


Thursday Oct 4

9am – 11:30am – PRE CONFERENCE Workshop – Solar Fire Software Fundamentals and Advanced Use workshop (Roy Gillett)

1pm – 1:15pm - Opening statements and announcement – Astrologer’s Oath (Maurice)

1:15pm - 2:15pm – The Successful Astrologer today. Are you ready to become a Successful Astrologer? (Maurice)

2:30 – 3:15pm – Marketing & Branding today (Alex Zolotov)

3:30 – 4:00pm – Uranus in Taurus, bring the Sky to the Earth – How to Attract more Clients – (Anne Ortelee)

4:00 – 4:30pm – Making it as an Astrologer (Roy Gillett)

4:30 – 5:00pm – Making it as an Astrologer (Laura Nalbandian)

Friday Oct 5

9am – 11am – Writing workshop (Arlan and Julian)

11:15am – 12:15 – 2 groups

  • Supercharge Your Consulting Business with the Kepler and Sirius Software. (David Cochrane)
  • Public Speaking training (Nalbandian) - what to present about, how to stand on stage and deliver. (Part I)

Lunch 12:15 – 1:30pm

1:30 – 2:20pm – Social Media for Astrologers (Alex Zolotov)

2:30 – 3:15pm - Making your practice Lucrative – (Anne Ortelee)

3:30 – 5:00pm – 2 groups

  • Mentorship – The next step for you – groups of 7 with mentor (Maurice, Laura Nalbandian, Anne Ortelee, Roy Gillett)
  • Personalized help with Social Media- (Alex Zolotov)

Saturday Oct 6

9:00 – 9:50am- The Science of a good Website (Maurice Fernandez and Russell Ohlhausen)

9:50 – 10:30 – How to -Tools and lab to build website – Image banks, DIY, different platforms (Russell Ohlhausen)

10:35 – 11:05 – Evidence Based Astrology - How important is it? Panel with David Cochrane, Roy Gillett, Anne Ortelee, Russell Ohlhausen

11:15 – 12:30pm - 2 groups

  • Sirius Software – Data Visualization with the Kepler and Sirius Software: Transforming Information that you Provide to Clients from Boring to Sexy (David Cochrane)
  • Personalized help with advertising, and presenting your brand (Julian Wise)

Lunch 12:30- 1:45pm 

1:45pm – 2:40pm – Creating a Flier or a Banner to Showcase your Services (Maurice)

2:40pm – 3:30pm – Using Power Point software to create professional presentations (Roy Gillett)

3:45 – 4:30pm - Making a video blog – what makes an attractive video. (Maurice)

4:30 – 5:30pm - 2 groups

  • Hands on Video production Software and methods (Russell Ohlhausen)
  • Tools and Directives for Video conference/webinars with clients (Geoff Gronlund)

7:30 - 8:30pm - Saturday Evening - Dance experience with Shannon Gill and Russell Ohlhausen

Sunday Oct 7

9:00am – 9:50am - Legalities in the Astrology Practice

10am – 12:00 - CREATIVITY LABS - This time is used to continue working on what you will be presenting for your scholarship. Be sure to already start working on this at home prior to the event. 

  • Writing Part 2 - Submitting an article
  • Creating your video
  • Creating your flier
  • Preparing your Public Presentation

Lunch 12:00-1:15pm

1:15 – 3:00pm

Scholarship presentations – Panel with Maurice Fernandez, Laura Nalbandian, Roy Gillett, Anne Ortelee, Arlan Wise, Russell Ohlhausen, David Cochrane.

3:00 - 3:20pm - Conclusion – closing.

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Part II

Three options for Part II - all of which are necessary steps in the OPA Certification, but you can attend them regardless of certification:

  • Peer Group Process (Group Leaders: Arlan Wise, Maurice Fernandez, Moon Zlotnick, Anne Ortelee, Victoria Smoot
  • Consulting Skills (with Kay Taylor and Alexandra Karacostas)
  • Astronomy for Astrologers (with Gemini Brett)

Part II consists of deepening your consultation practice through OPA's signature program the Peer Group Process.In addition, OPA will be presenting for the first time Consulting Skills and Astronomy for Astrologers programs.

You must have a consulting practice with paying clients for at least 6 months to participate in the Peer Group and Consulting Skills.

All Part II programs are steps toward OPA Certification


Option 1 - Peer Group Process

Choose a mentor with whom you will join a group of 5 participants (max).

During these three days, each participant will discuss their challenges, their approaches, and their vision for their practice. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from fellow professionals and share what you are about in an intimate setting. This immersion will help you improve your astrology practice and bond with fellow professionals.


Sunday Oct 7 evening (7:30 - 8pm) - All groups gather for an introduction to the process

Monday Oct 8 -  (9am to 5pm)

DAY 1: Discussing Challenging Dynamics in our Client Practice

General questions and discussions about what occurs before/during/after the consultation session with clients. Each participant will bring a chart of a client with whom they had a challenge of any kind.

Tuesday Oct 9 -  (9am to 5pm)

DAY 2: Chart Reading Each Other

We will discuss our approaches, house systems, techniques, or bodies we use in the chart, and then proceed to read each other's charts
This is a unique opportunity to learn by witnessing someone else do a reading, to be a client, and to showcase our approach to reading charts.

Wednesday Oct 10 -  (9am to 5pm)

DAY 3: Vision, Next Steps, Business Plan

We will share our vision for the next year, what our goals and aspirations are, and we will share our Business Plan with our group.
This is an opportunity to get feedback on how to succeed manifesting our vision and be practical about our next steps.

Option 2 - Integrative Consulting Skills

Groups of 12 participants maximum - Led by Kay Taylor and Alexandra Karacostas

This program offers a unique and transformative consulting skills training for a dynamic and healing astrology consultation.
We will explore how to create a supportive environment and work on the most effective communication skills: how to properly develop rapport and find the right balance between engaging the client in dialogue and giving the reading. This process requires mindfulness, inner work and deepened awareness on the part of the astrologer. Accordingly, we will reflect on personal issues that may influence our client interactions. We will explore common challenges related to ethics, boundaries, cross-cultural issues and the unconscious effect of language, personal beliefs and philosophies as we deepen both awareness and practical skills.

Each day includes lecture, group discussion, meditation, inner work, journaling — and lots of time to practice giving and receiving readings with our peers. 

SCHEDULE Consulting Skills

Sunday Oct 7 - (7pm-9pm) - Introduction

We’ll meet informally to connect with each other, discover the style of astrology we have studied and use, and look at the overview of our days together.

Monday Oct 8 - DAY 1 - (9am to 5pm)

We’ll look at professionalism, rapport, ethics, philosophy, communication/counseling skills, handling sensitive topics, emotional involvment and challenging client situations.

Tuesday Oct 9 - Day 2 - (9am to 5pm)

Deepening process about presenting astrological guidance with clarity and non-attachment, reflecting on hidden prejudices, bias and stereotyping (in ourselves and handling it from our clients). Explore our authenticity and how our unmet needs affect our consultations.

Wednesday Oct 10 - Day 3 - (9am to 5pm)

This final day will include focused time for giving and receiving readings as we integrate newly refined consulting skills with astrological guidance.

Option 3 - Astronomy for Astrologers

As Above, so Below - join this comprehensive three day program that includes both theory and night sky viewing with Gemini Brett. Astrologers tend to focus on two dimensional computer charts without truly being able to understand the connection to the sky, and yet every good astrologer should master both the arts of interpretation for reading a chart and navigation of the heavens.

SCHEDULE Astronomy for Astrologers

Sunday Oct 7 - (5:30pm-8pm) - Introduction

Night Sky Introduction into Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Monday Oct 8 - DAY 1 - (9:30am to 4pm) - Theory: Cross of Matter, Circle of Spirit

Among the subjects: Astronomical orgins of glyphs, Signs versus Constellations, the Three Zodiacs (Sidereal, Tropical, Constellational), Equinoxes and seasons.

Monday Night Sky: (5:45 - 9pm - including dinner break) - Sunset and Venus view + Nigh Sky Technique One

Tuesday Oct 9 - Day 2 - (9:30am to 4pm) - House Systems

Among the subjects: An Astronomical understanding of house systems, the nonagesimal to find the Ascendant. 

Tuesday Night Sky (5:45 - 9pm - including dinner break) - Heliacal setting of Venus, Meridian and nonagesimal practices

Wednesday Oct 10 - Day 3 - (9:30am to 3pm) - The Great Year and the Astrological Ages

Ampng the subjects: The Precession of the Equinoxes and the Astrological Ages, Heliacal rising and setting of fixed stars

Short Astronomy Exam for OPA Certification (3:30 - 4:30pm)

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OPA is fundraising to collect as many funds as possible to support astrologers in process of developing their practice. You can contribute or be a recipient. You can apply for two types of Scholarships:

1 - Scholarship to attend the event: 
Depending on how much we raise, we'd like to provide 5 scholarships: 2 for US residents, 3 for International attendees.
US resident would receive free tuition for PART I. International attendees will receive free tuition and $500 toward their fight expenses.

To apply, please write us what inspires you to join I-Astrologer and why you need a scholarship. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2 - Most Promising Astrologer Scholarship
We want to encourage you to give it your best and up the quality of your service and branding. On the last day of Part I, a panel of astrologers will assess the quality of your work and determine who is eligible for the scholarship. There may be more than one recepient, all depending on the amounts of funds raised.


      • Build an amazing website.
      • Write an truly interesting article.
      • Create an attractive and informative video for online blogging.
      • Design a compelling flier for your astrology event or services.
      • Present a professional 15 min talk with a power-point on an astrology subject.
      • Share your research in Astrology.
      • Show us anything that showcases determination, vision, and talent. We are open to different items and formats.

All contents must be astrology related. 

You can submit more than one item.

Anyone can participate - regardless of how many years of practice or type of astrology (must be registered to I-Astrologer Part I)

Begin to work on these items now!

You will have two extra hours at I-Astrologer to polish your piece(s) and adjust things according to what you learned during the event.

Submissions will be accepted on Sunday Oct 7 at Noon. Winners will be announced that same afternoon.

Scholarship Details:

- $1500 toward your website or anything else for setting up your practice. Funds will be provided for those aims only.

- $2500 toward astrology education. We will suggest a list of reliable schools and programs where you can learn from the best in the field.

- Public speaking opportunity at major conferences, such as Norwac, the OPA Retreat, The Astrology Association of UK, and more...

- Getting published - Get your article in major publications.

Are you ready to become a successful astrologer? The world needs more astrologers, and good ones! 

You can be the promise of the next generation of leaders in the field. Give Astrology your best!

Accommodation and Flights


The event will take place in Tucscon, Arizona at the beautiful Southwestern LODGE IN THE DESERT Hotel

For Part 1 - Arrive October 3 if you want to participate in the Solar Fire Software workshop (it will take place Oct 4 morning). Otherwise, you can arrive October 4 no later than 11:30am.

Part I closes on Sunday October 7 at 3:30pm - You can schedule your departure from the hotel at that time or the next morning.

Part II begins Sunday Oct 7 evening (Consulting Skills) or Monday Oct 8 morning (Peer Group)

Part II closes on Wednesday Oct 10 at 5pm.


You can leave that same evening or the next morning.

AIRPORT - You can land in Tucson International (TUS) (about 30 min from Hotel) or Phoenix airport (PHX) (2h30 drive distance to hotel).

Catch a Uber from the airport to the hotel.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM - Lodge in the Desert

Rates are $149 per room per night + 12% tax + 4$ city tax (share with up to three people per room).

Rates include Breakfast and WIFI, and On-site Parking.

Click here to book your hotel online with OPA1018 code

Call the reservation department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-877-498-6776 and mention the group booking code “OPA1018”.

For any assistance from OPA, contact Rae at (530) 305 1127 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sign up now for better deal and for greater choice to work with the mentors of your preference.
Part I - $370 by March 1 + $70 professional photoshoot (reduced price) + Participation in the scholarship.

Part II - $350 by March 1 (Choose Peer Group or Consulting Skills)

Part I and II special package - get a $50 discount.

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Cancelation fee: $75 by August 10 / $150 by Sept 5 / No refund after Sept 5.


How to Supercharge Your Consulting Business with the Kepler and Sirius Software