Peer Group Work Baltimore 2017

OPA Peer Group Work

February 13-15, 2017 - Hyatt Regency, Baltimore 

OPA is organizing three Peer Group sessions in Baltimore, just ahead of the NCGR conference (Feb 16 to 19, 2017).

Conveniently, the workshop takes place at the same location of the conference: The Hyatt Regency Hotel.

There are three Group Leaders to choose from: Arlan Wise, Maurice Fernandez, and Sandra Leigh Serio.

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About the program 

Each group consists of 4 participants maximum, so there is only space for 12 participants.

Participants must have at least 6 months of paid client reading practice.

The program takes place from 9am to 4pm during the three days. Each day is focused on an different area of our practice:

Participating in the Peer Group Process is one step toward being Certified by OPA!

DAY 1 (Feb 13)

Discuss client work - how to improve the dynamics and performance, and speak about clients you had difficulties with and what were the issues. The group will look at the chart of your client and provide valuable perspective on possible solutions.

DAY 2 (Feb 14)

Share your style of chart reading with your group. Each participant is invited to analyze the chart of another participant. This is a perfect way to learn about different techniques and see how astrologers each draw different themes from the same chart.

DAY 3 (Feb 15)

Your vision, your business plan, your future. Put numbers to your dreams! This is a time to discuss and write down how to make your dreams come true, how to practically make your practice successful, fulfilling and enjoyable. This is a time to discuss how to take things higher, or perhaps scale it down...whatever is in line for your astrology practice and yourself to thrive!

Early Bird Discount - $350 by October 1!

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Cancelation fee: $75 until Nov 1 - 50% until Jan 1 - No refund after Jan 1.