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theodore naickerJYOTISH Column
By Theodore Naicker

The Moon in Jyotish, as in many other astrology systems, represents our connection to life. While we receive the life energy from the Sun via the father, it is our mothers who receives that intent and provides a container of flesh and blood for it. In Jyotish, the Moon represents the blood and all our blood relations in general, the most significant of which (and the first) being that special blood connection to the mother. In the astrological sign of Cancer, we see the tidal push and pull of the exchange of blood in the womb; receiving nutrient-rich blood and the removal of wastes via the blood as well. The moving waters of Cancer represent the duality of this blood exchange with the mother in the darkness and sanctity of the womb. Here we received the body with its inherent ability to replace old cells and heal.

This constant-flowing in and out principle of Cancer in the womb is essential for the life of the body, but the very same push and pull and flow is essential for the health of the mind too. The Moon in Jyotish, therefore, best shows the mind-body connection in its flowing or animated aspect. Its shows how we move and flow through life based upon our subjective preferences.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus (ruled by Venus) and is debilitated in the sign Scorpio (ruled by Mars). Therefore, Moon-Venus combinations indicate high-pressure and immune diseases, whereas Moon-Mars combinations indicate low-pressure and loss of blood. In Jyotish, the connection between Moon and Mars, and Moon and Venus in the chart tell us a great deal of information about the built-in health dynamics of the physical body, as well as the flow potential of the mind. Mars, the controller of fire, is not welcome in association with the cooling waters of the Moon (mind). Tense afflictions between the two can indicate mania and schizophrenia. Saturn in its rulership of Aquarius shows the slowing down of the mind, and tense connections between Saturn and the Moon can indicate deterioration of memory and alzheimers or dementia.

Jyotish recognizes the deep connection between food and the quality of the flow of the mind. This is because the Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, the natural second house of the zodiac related to ingestion of food into the physical body. The 2nd House also is the face in Jyotish, because it is from here that all sensory stimuli are centralized and “ingested” by the mind-body connection. Sensory hedonism is what gives the mind and heart its peak delights, the Moon is exalted in this area of activity.

The Three Zodiacs

The Flow of the Mind

So we can understand the priority for the Moon to flow. There are however some restrictions to this flow. This manifests at a chakra level as well, and in depth psychology in Jyotish this plays a great role. The Moon functions best when there are no planets in the same sign as it, because these planets (and their agenda) tend to ‘sit on the mind’ a lot, forming a subjective bias override, and therefore restricting the full free-flow of the mind through life.

The Moon also functions better if there are planets in adjacent signs. A happy Moon is one that has made connections in the past (planets in the sign before the Moon sign), and that will make connections in the future (planets in the sign after the Moon sign). A Moon that doesn’t have any planets on either side of it can be quite isolationist and even lonely, and it is difficult for such a person to connect with society and people. Even amidst a crowd, they can still feel disconnected or spaced out.

How ‘Plugged In’ Are You?

One of the main indicators of someone living a “worldly” life is the level of involvement with all the relationships in their life: working relationships, familial connections, intimate relationships, etc. While we can accept the fact that we are individuals existing in the world, no person is an island. It is the myriad relationships, memories, and experiences we have with people in our life that enrich our evolutionary path.

Traditionally, the four angular houses of Self (1st house), Home (4th house), Significant Others (7th house), and Work/ Public life (10th house) were said to root us into the world in a very material way. These four houses are like the stakes of a pitched tent, our soul being the traveller residing within for a short time before moving onward. The Moon represents our connection to community, and this is strongest in these four areas of life. When the Moon is in these angular houses, the person is said to be strongly plugged into the material game of life.

The Moon in cadent houses (3rd House, 6th House, 9th House, and 12th House) by comparison is usually a receiver of influences, and a great responder archetype, and the person is generally more plugged into a spiritual or non-material focus of life. The Moon is therefore our connection to life, our spiritual and material plug alternating with each other in the see-saw dynamic of duality.

Ways to Strengthen the Moon

These are simple day-to-day practices that help strengthen the Moon within you and around you.

  • Wear more white or pastel coloured clothes
  • Keep your clothes neat and tidy and stored considerately.
  • Wear fresh clean clothes everyday. Don’t wear clothes repeatedly from day to day
  • Eat clean, homemade, fresh food. Don’t eat processed or stale food or food that has been stored for more than a day.
  • Take time to write your emotions and feelings in a journal, and pause to digest the emotions and connect with them. It helps to speak to a friend you trust.
  • Share food with people you care about and who care for you
  • Donate food and clothes to orphanages and fertility centres.


In this way, Jyotish assesses the flow capacity and healing capacity of the mindbody system, pointing out issues to be remedied in its flow, and strengthening bonds of delight for the mind to flow ever forward, receiving the intention of the soul Sun on its evolutionary journey.