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sasha zolotovby Alex (Sasha) Zolotov

How to get the most out of hashtags on social media as an astrologer… #

The popularity of online astrology has significantly risen, and that is particularly noticeable on social media, where the competition for likes and engagement is fierce. That surely creates some challenges for the emerging astrologers: How to establish oneself as an expert in a certain files? How would one communicate one’s uniqueness and talent in a simple, noticeable yet effective way?

Here is one tool that every social media has in common – hashtags! Hashtags are simply a symbol on the keyboard, a pound sign, followed by a keyword that unites all social media users. It can be described as the universal social media language that is easy to master and now necessary to capitalize on in order to succeed online. Hashtags never disappear from online, they keep accumulating creating a pool of data around any topic that everyone can click on and explore. By incorporating hashtags, you make it easier for your content to be found, leading to the discovery of your own profile, your brand, and your services. That way you become visible not only to your own followers but also to the global online audience. Per Buffer’s research, tweets and posts with hashtags get twice as many likes and replies than posts without any hashtags. That creates an opportunity since only 24% of users actually incorporate hashtags into their social media activity. In essence, hashtags are a quick and simple way of getting noticed on social media

Not all hashtags are created equal

Just like every social media platform is unique, so is the use of hashtags on them. Let’s eliminate a few unnecessary extras. You might have noticed that most Facebook users avoid using hashtags in their post. And that’s for a good reason – because they do not work well on that platform. In fact, BuzzSumo, a Marketing Research Company, confirmed that posts without any hashtags performed better than posts that contained them.

The same goes for Pinterest, where hashtags can only be used in pin descriptions and the hashtag search is rather limited. We might as well ditch the use of hashtags on YouTube as their implications are limited to the comment section, which won’t benefit you much.

That leaves us with Instagram and Twitter, two platforms that make up the “hashtag heaven”. Use Twitter to share freely any updates, announcements, or opinions. Any part of your post can be turned into a hashtag just by inserting # key in front of it to make your post searchable. There is a word of caution, however. The suggested number of hashtags in each post is expected to be less than five, with two of them being the magic number. So, try to emphasize the keywords that could be essential to your post, yet easily searchable. Here is an example:

*The upcoming, total Lunar Eclipse in Leo isn’t going to be a #SmoothSailing. Unexpected news can bring stress and #anxiety during that time…

Instead, we should emphasize the most relevant astrological concepts in this post. Let’s rewrite that:

*The upcoming, total #LunarEclipse in #Leo isn’t going to be a smooth sailing. Unexpected news can bring stress and anxiety during that time…

#LunarEclipse and #Leo are more relevant to the topic of your post, making it easier for your astrology-enthusiasts to discover your writing, versus less relevant keywords like anxiety and smooth sailing that are less likely to be checked out by your target audience.

The same goes for Instagram. However, the magic number of hashtags to generate the highest engagement is 11 or more, based on the conducted marketing research by Hootsuite.

Best Astrology Hashtags?

Now that we know that the use of hashtags is essential for any astrologer’s social media activity, we will figure out which hashtags are the most effective and should be used.

If you are thinking of using #Astrology, consider some of these alternative and most used hashtags:#astrologyposts

astrology hashtags

If the use of generic hashtags is not for you, there are a few free online tools that can help you take your hashtag game to a new level.

Instavast is a free tool that will automatically generate relevant hashtags based on the uploaded image or keyword. The key feature is that it also displays related and niche hashtags, diversifying your posting routine.

Influencer Marketing Hub is similar to Instavast, it will display relevant hashtags based on the popularity, arranging it in the aesthetically pleasing way.

All Hashtag offers relevant hashtags based on the popularity, similarity and the frequency of use.

social networks

The aforementioned platforms will offer a tremendous help in displaying most relevant hashtags based on the topic of your activity; it offers analysis of the input and anything driven by the actionable data is guaranteed to promote higher engagement. Indeed, it is a common knowledge that having social media presence is essential for every emerging astrologer. While success might not happen overnight, and it might take some time and resources, the proper use of hashtags will increase your chances of being discovered by the world. After all, the hashtag is not just the tool, it is now a basic requirement for any brand or business. #GoodLuck


Alex (Sasha) Zolotovis a career adviser at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Along with his work in the field of professional development and career education, he is completing his second bachelor degree in marketing management, focusing on social media marketing and digital analytics. His background includes managing social media accounts and the content distribution for an independent student newspaper The Mass Media and Spoon University UMB – a digital publication for a foodie club he has founded on campus. Sasha Zolotov has obtained multiple marketing certifications from the leading marketing agencies, along with his astrology certifications from Kepler College where he is finishing up his Diploma in Professional Astrology. He is a proud board member at the Association for Young Astrologers, where he is honored to serve as a Member Engagement Coordinator.