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Monthly Transit Talk

Join Celeste Brooks for Monthly Transit Talk on the first Sunday of each month at 10am Pacific for our monthly discussion of planetary patterns and configurations.

This event is FREE for members and is a group meeting format, similar to OPA Café, where everyone offers their insights and questions on a particular cultural or world event, and/or the current transits.

Each month, members will receive an email reminding you of the upcoming Transit Talk, and you can email Celeste with ideas and suggestions for topics.

The event is NOT recorded so people feel free to share openly.

Open to OPA/AFAN members only. Join OPA here >


I absolutely love the transit talks; I learn a lot; it’s so fun, and I find it a safe and respectful space that encourages contribution. We look at the astrology of current social events and well-known people’s charts, which makes it practical and helps to apply our knowledge of aspects and transits to real-world situations. I feel that my understanding of astrology has developed significantly by participating in OPA’s transit talks. It is a truly “astrology in action” class!

– Ana L., OPA Member