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Linea Van Horn & Geoff Gronlund

OPA Astronomy for
Astrologers – 2024

Begins August 25

This online course provides essential knowledge of fundamental astronomy to help students better understand the mechanics, motion, and terminology of our solar system. The course includes weekly classes, activities, and quizzes to help integrate the knowledge and develop a clearer sense of how it all works.

Live attendance is always recommended but not required. All weekly classes are recorded and shared with participants shortly after each class.

A portal with live discussions, quizzes, class recordings, weekly presentation slides, and other course material is available to all participants throughout the course.

The course is designed to prepare students to pass most astronomy certification exams, regardless of which organization sponsors it. However, it does not teach full chart calculation by hand. If you are looking at other certifications, please check their requirements.

Public Program Exam Date Available

October 27
11am PT | 2pm ET | 6pm UTC

For those who would like to take the OPA Astronomy for Astrologers exam, whether you have taken the course in the past or not, this is an opportunity to secure this requirement for OPA Certification. You will need to answer at least 70% of the questions on the exam correctly to pass.

If you have taken OPA’s Astronomy for Astrologers course before, either with Gemini Brett or with Linea Van Horn and Geoff Gronlund, you can participate in this exam at no charge*. If you have not taken OPA’s Astronomy for Astrologers course before, the cost for taking the exam is $85 for OPA members and $95 for non-members.

*Please contact Geoff or Linea at opaastronomy@gmail.com for a coupon code to use at checkout if you have taken the course before.

9-week Course Held on Sundays
11am – 1pm Pacific
2pm – 4pm Eastern
Course runs Aug 25 – Oct 13
No class or exam Oct 20
Final exam Oct 27 with
two time options

• 11am Pacific
• 4pm Pacific
Second exam date option
Nov 3rd 11am Pacific

Topics Covered

  • Great Circles and 3 Coordinate Systems
  • The Solar Cycle
  • The Moon: Phases, Nodes, and Eclipses
  • Planets
  • Declination
  • Synodic Cycles
  • The two Zodiacs, Fixed Stars, and Precession
  • House Systems
Early Bird Registration
$300 members
$350 non-members

Members: Use code below at checkout for member discount.
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OPA is currently accepting astronomy course successful completion at Kepler College or the School for Traditional Astrology (STA), as credit toward OPA Certification. When you apply for OPA Professional Astrologer Certification at the completion of three Peer Groups, Astronomy, and Consulting Skills, you may provide proof of successful completion at these approved schools and be awarded astronomy credit.

Linea Van Horn

Linea Van Horn

. . . is the Astrologer at Large. Professional since 1998, Linea is Founder and President Emerita of the San Francisco Astrological Society (1992 – 2014). Formerly employed in the astrology Internet industry, Linea is an experienced astrological advisor, respected teacher, published author, and dynamic public speaker. She currently devotes herself to client work, teaching, writing, and community building in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is certified through the National Council for Geocosmic Research Professional Astrologer Alliance (NCGR-PAA) and the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). She serves on the Board of Examiners for NCGR. Member of AFAN, ISAR and OPA. Visit Linea’s website: www.AstrologerAtLarge.com

Geoff Gronlund

Geoff Gronlund

. . . is a certified and practicing evolutionary astrologer who has studied with Maurice Fernandez, Gemini Brett, Alexandra Karacostas, and Kay Taylor, among others. Working with some of the greatest astrologers in the world, Geoff served on the board of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) from 2017 to 2022 as Outreach and Internal Programs Director, helping to navigate the ever-expanding international astrology community. Geoff currently writes weekly astrology forecasts for New England-based company Mexicali Blues, and his writing is available on his website at www.GeoffGronlund.com