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About the Program

We all may know how to read an astrology chart, but it takes great awareness to know how to synthesize it and communicate the wisdom to our clients effectively. How to begin a reading, how to speak about challenging configurations, how to address different cultural contexts? Astrology can be very revealing, transformative, and even powerful, but as practitioners we must know how to deliver this information in ways that empower our clients, and certainly do not harm. OPA provides this essential program to make better astrologers.

We explore how to create a supportive environment and work on the most effective communication skills: how to properly develop rapport and find the right balance between engaging the client in dialogue and giving the reading. This process requires mindfulness, inner work and deepened awareness on the part of the astrologer. We will reflect on personal issues that may influence our client interactions. We will explore common challenges related to ethics, boundaries, cross-cultural issues and the unconscious effect of language, personal beliefs and philosophies as we deepen both awareness and practical skills. Each day includes lecture, group discussion, meditation, inner work, journaling — and lots of time to practice giving and receiving readings with our peers.

Workshops are held usually in the course of 3 days (in person) or 6 4-hour sessions (online), with a cap of 15 to 18 participants

  • Communication skills
  • Balancing astrology with dialogue
  • Cross-cultural awareness and diversity/inclusion
  • Empathy and mindfulness

DAY 1: We’ll look at professionalism, rapport, ethics, philosophy, communication/counseling skills, handling sensitive topics, emotional involvment and challenging client situations.

DAY 2: Deepening process about presenting astrological guidance with clarity and non-attachment, reflecting on hidden prejudices, bias and stereotyping (in ourselves and handling it from our clients). Explore our authenticity and how our unmet needs affect our consultations.

DAY 3: This final day will include focused time for giving and receiving readings as we integrate newly refined consulting skills with astrological guidance.