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• Learn how to handle difficult client situations
• Elevate your analysis and consultation skills
• Enhance authentic branding, business planning and marketing

Peer Group is OPA Foundation’s signature program and part of the OPA certification process.

Three Day Immersive Program Details

DAY ONE (two 4-hour sessions on Zoom)

Challenging Client Situations

In this first day, we share wisdom and vulnerability by speaking about difficult client situations and sessions, exploring issues in an atmosphere of empathy and support. You will present the chart of a client you may have had struggles with and receive valuable perspective on possible solutions. It is surprisingly supportive to understand subtle dynamics through chart comparisons of the client and astrologer, and to discuss problems we usually attempt to handle independently. Consultation confidence, ethical awareness and performance is improved.

DAY TWO (two 4-hour sessions on Zoom)

Share Your Style of Chart Consultation
with Your Group

Each participant will analyze the chart of another participant and deliver a consultation. This is a perfect way to learn about different techniques and see how astrologers draw different themes from the same chart. In this format we trade places with our clients, learning about different analysis styles. The feedback is constructive and empathic; we learn a lot watching how other astrologers prepare and work with clients.

DAY THREE (two 4-hour sessions on Zoom)

Branding & Business Development: Your Vision
• Your Business Plan • Your Future

Put numbers to your dreams! We will create Business Plans and share key points within the group, looking at current websites and social media accounts for valuable feedback. You will create a practical plan to grow or stabilize your practice to be successful, fulfilling and enjoyable—for your unique goals. This is a time to discuss how to take things higher, or perhaps scale it down…whatever is in line for your astrology practice and for you to thrive! We nurture our professional development by exploring ways to be realistically successful.

Program Requirements


  • OPA membership
  • 6 months paid consultations as a practicing professional astrologer
  • Real time class participation


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Each group consists of 4 participants plus the group leader

The program is normally three full days in person or six half days via Zoom. Each leader will set their own preferred schedule. On Zoom most will offer 2 consecutive days each week over three weeks; Some groups are on weekends and others are during the week. Different time zones are accommodated by various group offerings.

Participating in the Peer Group Process is one step toward being Certified by OPA!


Online Peer Groups are held as a meeting/classroom format rather than an anonymous webinar. We ask that you have decent speed internet so you can be on video to participate in class (unless screen fatigue requires that you turn off your camera some of the time). You must have at least six months of paid client experience, and there needs to be 8-10 months between each Peer Group Process to allow you time to integrate what you’ve learned.

Or Choose Your Group Below

Gaye Alkan

Gaye Alkan

Presented in Turkish – Virtual

Turkish time friendly
10am – 2pm Greenwich Mean Time
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Week 1: November 11 & 12, 2023
Week 2: November 18 & 19, 2023
Week 3: November 25 & 26, 2023

Gaye Alkan, ISAR Cap, OPA Certified, is a professional astrologer. She studied in a Traditional to Modern program at ASA, continued her studies in Hermetic Astrology with Aleksandar Imsiragic, Energy Astrology with Lea Imsiragic, Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan, and studied Uranian Astrology. She currently serves ISAR as Operations Manager, host of StarClub Turkish and one of the hosts of StarClub English and runs ISAR Turkey Social Media. Her articles are being published in Astrology journals, such as The Career Astrologer, ISAR Web Site and ISAR Journal. She is one of the speakers of ISAR StarClub, OPA Talks and OPA Conferences. Her approach is blending Traditional techniques with Modern approaches with a soul perspective. gayealkan@gmail.com   instagram/gaye_alkan

Burcu Cakir

Burcu Cakir

In-person – Turkey

When: October 6-7-8, 2023

Additional on-location fees will be paid to Burcu Cakir directly.

Burcu Cakir is a professional Astrologer, who graduated from AstroArt Astrology School in İstanbul where she studied Traditional Astrology. She prepared a program called #astrogündem for Astrology Television on YouTube. She was editor and author on weekly Astrology Magazine of Oner Doser’s Team in one of Turkey’s most widely read newspapers called Posta Gazetesi for 2 years. She continues to work at the AstroArt Astrology School as a lecturer and co-editor of AstroArt Astrology School publications. She is ISAR Cap, OPA Certified Professional Astrologer and OPATürkiye Satellite leader.

Louise Edington

Louise Edington


Wednesday & Thursdays
8am to 12pm Pacific

Week 1: October 25 & 26, 2023
Week 2: November 1 & 2, 2023
Week 3: November 8 & 9, 2023

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Louise Edington has been studying and practicing Astrology as an interest for over 30 years and working professionally as an Evolutionary Astrologer since 2012. Known as the Cosmic Owl of Cosmic Owl Astrology, Louise loves to combine all her passions as an Astrologer, author, Shamanic Practitioner and certified Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapist. You may learn more about her services at louiseedington.com and follow Louise at the following links:

Geni Picazo

Geni Picazo


Australia time friendly
3:30pm – 7:30pm Pacific
Click here to find your time zone

Week 1: Pacific time zone: October 20 & 21
Australian time zone: October 21 & 22
Week 2: Pacific time zone: October 27 & 28
Australian time zone: October 28 & 29
Week 3: Pacific time zone: November 3 & 4
Australian time zone: November 4 & 5

Geni Picazo
is an OPA Certified, professional astrologer located in Canada. She is a Peer Group leader and one of the Canadian Satellite coordinators. As an astrologer, she integrates practical wisdom, insight, and research into every consult. Every day we are met with challenges and decisions that shape our future life. Geni has been using astrology and Tarot to help her clients navigate those avenues to help them find their success and joy. All consults are in person or in the virtual space.

Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor

In-person – Borrego Springs, California

When: September 22-27, 2023

Borrego Springs Peer Group Schedule

Friday, September 22, 2023
. . . Arrival – check-in @ 4pm – Dinner @ 6pm
Saturday, September 23, 2023
. . . 10am to 1pm – Introductions – Ethics – Challenges
Sunday, September 24, 2023
. . . 10am to 1pm – Challenges and Solutions
Monday, September 25, 2023
. . . 10am to noon / 2pm to 6pm – Chart Consultations
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
. . . 10am to noon / 2pm to 6pm – Branding & Business
Wednesday September 27, 2023
. . . Departure – check-out 11am

Participant requirements:

  • have been doing paid astrological sessions for at least six months
  • not taken Peer Group with Kay before (each group needs to be with a different leader)
  • commit to attend the entire program — no planned late arrivals or early departures

Earlybird Fee:
$1,095 – Double Occ – 2/Queens #1
$1,095 – Double Occ – 2/Queens #2
$1,295 – King Single
$1,245 – Queen Single

Payments: $350 down payment made when you register to hold your spot on the OPA website
Balance paid directly to Kay within 30 days (credit cards, Venmo or PayPal) confirms your place
$100 cancellation fee up to 30 days before event
No refunds/cancellations within 30 days of event unless a replacement is found.
Early pricing until August 15th. Prices increase by $100 on August 16.


Kay Taylor is a soul-centered/psychological astrologer, author and teacher who has been integrating evolutionary astrology with intuitive mastery, psychosynthesis, yoga philosophy and a wealth of healing wisdom for over 35 years. Kay has been President of OPA since 2020, formerly Education Director, and is on the Board and faculty of Kepler College. She is a respected conference lecturer, trains intuitive/astrologers through her Soul Path School and is Relationships & Astrology core faculty. Publications include Soul Path Way (2016), chapters for “The Professional Astrologer” (2015) and “Essential Astrology” (2023). Certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II, she maintains a thriving full time consulting practice based in the SF Bay Area.

Angela Tiki

Angela Tiki

Presented in English – Virtual

Turkish time friendly
7am – 11am Pacific
Click here to find your time zone

Week 1: June 3 & 4, 2023
Week 2: June 10 & 11, 2023
Week 3: June 17 & 18, 2023

Angela Tiki is a Greek OPA certified professional astrologer based in Athens, operating locally but also sharing her expertise among an international clientele. Inspired by the Hellenic philosophy and spirit, she approaches the chart as a tool for self-awareness, development, and personal fulfilment. In addition to her consulting services, she teaches astrology, organizes workshops, gives lectures at international conferences, and writes for astro magazines. Since 2016, she is serving as the Greek satellite leader for OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrology.

Arlan Wise

Arlan Wise

In-person – Naples, Maine

Friday, November 10, 2023
. . . Arrival Day with meet & greet Friday evening
Saturday, November 11, 2023
. . . Peer Group from 9am – 5pm
Sunday, November 12, 2023
. . . Peer Group from 9am – 5pm eastern
Monday, November 13, 2023
. . . Peer Group from 9am – 5pm eastern
Departure Monday after 5pm or Tuesday before noon

Contact Angelina for more details

Arlan Wise, OPA certified, OPA Peer Group leader, ISAR C.A.P, has worked as a professional consulting astrologer since 1978. She has a large international practice. Arlan has been on the Board of Directors of OPA since 1994, now serving a third term as President. Arlan was instrumental in setting up OPA’s Astrologer’s Retreats, a unique conference experience, and was on the committee that created OPA’s Certification Process. Arlan leads writing workshops for astrologers at OPA retreats and online. She wrote the chapter, Writing and Astrology, in OPA’s book, The Professional Astrologer. She edits and reviews astrology books.

Donna Young

Donna Young


Australian time friendly
3pm – 7pm Pacific
Click here to find your time zone

Week 1: Pacific time zone: October 4 & 5
Australian time zone: October 5 & 6
Week 2: Pacific time zone: October 11 & 12
Australian time zone: October 12 & 13
Week 3: Pacific time zone: October 18 & 19
Australian time zone: October 19 & 20

Donna Young is a professional astrologer practicing a fusion of traditional and modern techniques. She is a faculty member and the president of Kepler College, and of the Kepler Astrologers Toastmasters group. Believing in the importance of professionalism in astrology, Donna served as an OPA board member, is a peer group leader, a contributing author to The Professional Astrologer, and is OPA’s western Canadian Satellite Representative. A city dweller for many years, she has returned to her roots in rural Alberta. As a Cree Metis, she is fascinated by indigenous star culture, and gardens using the cycles of the moon as her guide.

Linda “Moon” Zlotnick

Moon Zlotnick


Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
9am – 1pm Pacific
Click here to find your time zone

Week 1: October 20-21-22, 2023
Week 2: October 27-28-29, 2023

I’m an artist, lesbian feminist, a wife, and mother of two children, a brewer of Kombucha, a lover of travel, spirituality, and a practicing Jew. I started my full-time astrology in 1977 and consider myself a master astrologer. My experience with grief as a motherless daughter and Twinless twin called me to write a book, Star Sisters. I bring an empathetic, practical, and perceptive ability to each astrology session, and accept all clients regardless of race, color, religion, citizenship status, gender identity and expression, age, national origin, dis/ability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

These groups are for OPA Members only.
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