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Mel PriestlyMel Priestley (Alberta)


Mel Priestley is a consulting astrologer and writer based in Edmonton, Canada. She has been studying astrology for many years and completed the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology Certificate at Kepler College in 2021. She has been a professional freelance writer for over 15 years and has written extensively about wine, food, theatre and now, astrology. She currently serves on the executive committee of the Edmonton Astrological Society and is also co-lead of OPA’s Canadian satellite. Visit her site at for her latest blog posts and to book a consultation, and sign up to her newsletter to stay in touch.

OPA Vision
Canada often takes a quiet, backseat role on the world stage and that’s true in the world of astrology as it is everywhere else. Yet there are many excellent astrologers here in the north, and through my role as co-lead of OPA Canada I hope to find and showcase them. My goal is to feature new and emerging Canadian astrologers, as well as celebrate veteran Canadian astrologers. I seek to promote further work on astrology topics directly related to Canada, including the various charts of important people, places and events in Canada’s past and present. I seek to connect astrologers and astrology enthusiasts across this vast country of ours, from coast to coast and across all the myriad cultures and peoples that call Canada home. Above all, I hope to inspire everyone to form and maintain their own vital relationship with the living skies above.

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