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My journey with Astrology began in the 90´s when I attended lectures and became a hobby astrologer. In 2015 I decided to apply for the MISPA Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology and this opened a new phase that finally led me to becoming a Professional.

Throughout my life I´ve been working in the social field, being a Registered Nurse and a Developmental Psychologist to my former profession. Astrology has so much still to contribute to working with people in need. During my periods in developing countries (African) my interest in culture and it´s effect on a person’s lifespan has become a source of interest.

I currently live and work in Finland in both national languages, Finnish and Swedish. This has also helped me to establish contact with the other Scandinavian Associations. I love to lecture and be a part of a persons learning process, and have been teaching and lecturing around the country since I became a Professional. I also do readings with clients and work as a head techer at the educational programme The Souls Journey Ltd- Karmic and Psychological astrology.

Finland is a quite isolated nation due to its special language. We still have a long and genuine interest in astrology, having an astrological newspaper that goes 40 years back and having several astrological associations, both for professionals and for other interested. Our further connections to the Scandinavian and other member countries worldwide would be a very important task that I as a Satellite wish to contribute to. That’s why I´m both honored and excited to be a member of OPAs journey towards the future of Astrology!

My Vision is to encourage people in Finland to further inetract with the international community and share the knowledge of astrology!

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