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Sonia GiudiciSonia Giudici (Milan)


Sonia Giudici, works as a professional astrologer in Milan (Italy), where she also runs a training and consulting company. She is director of the Italian School of Psychological Astrology “Astriepsiche” that was funded in 2015 but immediately became one of the 3 top Italian schools.

Sonia authors the astrological blog “Astriepsiche” followed by more than 17,000 readers and also serves as a guest speaker at Astrology Conferences in Italy and abroad.

Her passion for astrology started when she was sixteen years old: she studied it first on her own, browsing libraries and buying used books in flea markets. She then attended a 4-year program at an Italian astrology school and also obtained the “Certificate” from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. She also studied in UK and USA. Her international teachers are mainly Sue Tompkins and Steven Forrest.

She holds a Business Administration Master Degree and is currently studying for a further degree in Psychology. She also has a diploma in Intercultural Communication and obtained a Master Practitioner diploma in NLP. Before fully devoting to Astrology she worked for more than 15 years as a manager of International joint-ventures and as head of Business schools’ recruiting and selection offices.

She is specialized both in Psychological astrology and in Astrology for business, Astrology for communication, Astrology for recruiters.

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