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Theo NaickerNathan Theo Naicker (Cape Town)

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Theodore has a background as a petroleum engineer in the oil and gas industry and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2014. He began learning psychological astrology in 2010, then moved onto traditional western astrology with qualifications in natal, horary, mundane, locational, and medical branches. He has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (Zoller, 2012) and a Diploma in Astrological Studies (Suskin, 2014). Born into a strong Indian cultural heritage, he naturally gravitated toward eastern forms of astrology. Since 2016, he began studying a holistic form of Vedic Astrology, which combines meaning and techniques from astrological, scriptural, tantric, yogic and omenology in the Indian tradition and visits India 2-3 months a year for that purpose. His specialized consultations take into account factors from both Western and Vedic astrological traditions. Theodore runs retreats in South Africa, and hosts webinars, workshops, and private courses in South Africa and online. He has also run workshops and talks in Poland (2014) and the UK (2015-2017). Given his perspective for different forms of Astrology as complementary, he performs Rectification for clients and other astrologers around the world.

Elena Porciani van BaalenElena Porciani van Baalen (Johannesburg)

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Elena has been fascinated with Astrology since discovering it in the mid to late eighties. She self-studied as much as she could as there was very little info on astrology in South Africa in those days , but this reinforced her determination and love for research and observation, seeing the patterns and connecting the dots. Today, the love of Astrology and a love of history also come together in a focus on Mundane Astrology and synodic cycles as a parallel source for understanding human consciousness and its evolution over time and on wider concentric scales. In 1991 she studied with the Cynthia Thorburn School of Astrology, then with Noel Tyl and Basil Fearrington, also travelling to the UK and America for astrological conferences; she has appreciated and learned from the first-hand impact and wisdom of Melanie Reinhart, Erin Sullivan and Bernadette Brady. Maurice Fernandez reminded her that in fact it is Evolutionary Astrology from a spiritual perspective that ignites her soul. She has been conducting her professional practice of astrology since 1999. Elena has been the Chairman of the Astrological Society of South Africa, continuously from 1996 (putting back together a very broken and factionalised community) to 2004, when her life changed dramatically, but the love of astrology persists ,a s does her commitment to use astrology as a tool to understand and assist people in their own evolutionary, spiritual journeys. Since early 2017 she is one of the Satellites for the Southern African arm of the Organisation of Professional Astrology (OPA).

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