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I’m Gemma Harwood, the UK satellite for OPA and I aim to support astrology enthusiasts and professionals in developing skills, throughout their career and in the hobby of astrology.

I foster an approach to astrology that supports a diverse range of viewpoints, whilst discouraging negative bias and judgments against signs and placements. My group on Facebook is built around this purpose and is free and open to those looking to start with the basics of astrology or brush up on/ expand on their entry certificate-level knowledge. Anyone can join me at:

I also teach a certificate course on astrology in the North West of England and via online classes; I’m dedicated to holding a space for people in our region to come into the field of astrology through their own initial interest, making sure there is somewhere here for people to make a solid start.

I’ve been keenly interested in astrology since 1995 and I’m always excited to serve as OPA’s UK Satellite, whilst helping provide UK members with open opportunities to share articles, develop their skills, and join the pioneering programs we have available. As an astrologer, I’m in my dream occupation and I love supporting the community whilst getting my teeth into something I can be passionate about.

OPA Vision

My vision is to bring more people in the region I live into astrology whilst nurturing and contributing towards a positive overall welcome of this wonderful craft. Being present here and having more people take an interest will hopefully see more people accepting astrology as a great subject to take on.

I formed Gem’s Astrology and Tarot back in 2017 after passing the diploma with a distinction at the Mayo School of Astrology in both mundane and natal astrology with Wendy Stacey as my mentor and have since become a working tarot reader, channeller and psychic, as well as an astrologer.

I’m interested in astrology from a scientific perspective, having earned a BSc in Forensic Chemistry. Other interests include maths, psychology, the soul journey and spiritual evolution, nature, meditation and many things pertaining to the mystical or ethereal realm.

Always happy to help and best wishes to all,
Gem’s Astrology and Tarot

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