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Death of the King, but What Does That Mean?

by Gemini Brett

Sun and Moon are set to embrace in the 29th degree of Tropical Leo on August 21st at the Royal Star Regulus and near enough the Dragon’s Head to bring the riddle of night to the middle of daylight. I’ve come to call this total solar eclipse ‘Kneel Diamond’ because sages of the starry cloth have long knelt before Lion’s Heart Regulus as the ruler of the Heavens and because serious astro-folk from all around the globe will be “Coming to America” to observe the infamous Diamond Ring in the sky. What are eclipses themselves most infamous for if not “Death of the King” and why? Does history uphold this omen of old? If so, perhaps the current ‘king’ of the White House should consider seeking council from an august astrologer. Any takers?

We measure astrology from the center of our Planet, not from Her surface so I like to say, “just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean you don’t be it.” The eclipse portal is open for all, but shadow location is certainly significant. This will be the first total solar eclipse to shadow the continental United States since 1979. Its shadow path literally divides the country in half and brings with it an uncanny number of strong Planetary transits to US President Trump’s nativity.

The eclipse aligns:

    • One degree from his Ascendant and two degrees from his Mars.
    • Pluto is partile square his Jupiter
    • Retrograde Mercury is partile sextile his natal Mercury.
    • Venus is at the midpoint of his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction.
    • Uranus squares those Planets and trines his Mars and Ascendant.
    • Jupiter is conjunct his natal Jupiter, square his Saturn and Venus, and trine his Sun, Uranus, and especially North Lunar Node.
    • Retrograde Saturn is exactly (to the arc minute!) conjoined his Moon, which was shadowed by Earth during Trump’s natal total lunar eclipse.

Are natives born during an eclipse more activated by eclipse transits? What might these many simultaneous strong Planetary alignments to the President’s nativity portend? Are astrological activations of a President also applicable to the Nation and to her citizens? I will not delineate these transits here, but will instead riddle the mystery by presenting intriguing historical themes of associated eclipse cycles. If we want to know what’s in the cards for Trump, perhaps we should ask the Tarot where Moon is the 18th Trump and the 19th is Sun. Can you see the corresponding astronomical keys? There are powerful eclipse cycles of 18-years (Saros) and 19-years (Metonic) and the Lunar Nodes complete a journey around the 360 Zodiac degrees in a period of time just between.


The Metonic Cycle is the closest synchronization of Solar and Lunar calendars because 19 tropical years (6,939.602 days) nearly equals 235 Lunations (6,939.688 days). Therefore, an eclipse can fall in the same degree of the Zodiac as one that precedes it or follows it by 19 years. There was indeed a solar eclipse at Regulus on August 21st, 1998. Its shadow was not seen in the United States, but sure seems to have been felt in the White House. Four days before this eclipse conjoined his Natal Sun, President Bill Clinton testified to a grand jury that he had engaged in an “improper physical relationship” with Monica Lewinsky during her employment as a White House intern. Because he had previously denied such engagement, the House of Representatives initiated an impeachment trial on the grounds of perjury. Two articles of impeachment were approved in December including obstruction of justice, but the Senate acquitted Clinton on February 12th, 1999, four days before the next total solar eclipse, which opposed his Natal Sun.


The House Judiciary Committee nearly expanded Clinton’s impeachment inquiry to include campaign finance abuse because there were allegations of contributions from the Chinese Communist Military.1 Do rumors of a United States president receiving illegal assistance from a communist country ring any bells today with a Metonic Eclipse Return on the way? Certainly the impeachment theme is currently echoing through the halls of the West Wing. The Public Policy Polling firm recently conducted a national survey that found 48% of respondents were in favor of impeaching President Trump while only 41% were opposed.2 Does Kneel Diamond foreshadow a death of the White House king by impeachment? If so, perhaps this eclipse has a greater chance of seeing such a trial through because it will physically shadow the States, while the 1998 eclipse did not.

This summer’s is the third in a Metonic String of four Regulus-aligned solar eclipses appearing in 1979, 1998, 2017, and 2036.

The February 2017 Pisces Solar eclipse (8 degrees Pisces on February 26, 2017) was also the third of a Metonic String, which began with the last total solar eclipse to shadow the continental United States on February 26th, 1979. The 19-year Metonic cycle can only produce a string of four or five eclipses because the Lunar Nodes circle the Zodiac in 18.6 years and the nearly five-month difference between these periods quickly separates the Nodes too far from the Metonic New or Full Moon for an eclipse to align.


The 18-year Saros Cycle, on the other hand, has serious longevity. The average Saros Family is composed of 71 eclipses and lasts for about 1,280 years. Kneel Diamond is the 22nd of 77 eclipses belonging to Solar Saros Series 145. The first eclipse of the series aligned on January 4th, 1639 and the last will align over 1,352 years later on April 5th, 2991.

The 77 Eclipses of Solar Saros Series 145 – Notice how they begin at the North Pole and End at the South Pole. The opposite is true for a South Lunar Node Eclipse Series.

Unlike those of a Metonic String, Saros Eclipses are not fixed to the same zone of the Zodiac because the 223-Lunation period of a Saros is not 18 years exactly, but rather about 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours. The eleven-day component of this period advances each subsequent eclipse of the series about eleven Zodiacal degrees. (for example, the previous 145 Saros Eclipse was on August 1999 @ 18 Leo). Because Earth spins in 24 hours, the eight-hour component of a Saros period carries each eclipse about one third of the globe Westward from its predecessor so three eclipses (a Tri-Saros) are required to return the series to similar longitudes.

Solar Saros Series 145 last shadowed the North American continent in 1963, a year that will forever be remembered for the death of a king. It could be argued that too much time had expired for the July 20th solar eclipse to be related to the November 22nd assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but some astrologers suggest the effects of a solar eclipse have a shelf life of six months, a year, or even longer. None of us can argue that the July 20th, 1963 total solar eclipse in the 28th degree of Cancer formed a partile conjunction to JFK’s natal Saturn and likely aligned to his MidHeaven (JFK’s 3pm birth time has a Rodden Rating of “A”).

Gemini - John F. Kennedy

SAROS 140 to SAROS 145

The next heartbeat of Solar Saros Series 145 following JFK’s death was heard in 1981, the year President Ronald Reagan was shot. Less than two months before the March 30th assassination attempt, an annular solar eclipse aligned on February 4th within half a degree of Reagan’s Aquarius Sun. This eclipse does not belong to Solar Saros Series 145, but rather to Series 140. The two could be considered travel companions as they have appeared in the same calendar years since 1927, the year that Series 145 first reached totality and Series 140 first reached annularity (Moon will remain too far from Earth to occult the entire Sun disc during eclipses of this series).

The last visit from Solar Saros Series 140 on February 16th, 1999 opposed Bill Clinton’s Leo Sun at the time of his acquittal as mentioned above. That eclipse also aligned less than a third of a degree from the Aquarius Moon of John F. Kennedy Junior who died in a mysterious plane crash five months later on July 16th, 1999 less than a month before the August 11th return of Solar Saros Series 145. Many believe JFK, Jr. was on a path to follow his father’s footsteps into the Oval Office. Was this the death of a prince who could have become king?


That February 1999 eclipse also aligned within one and a half degrees of George H.W. Bush’s Mars and two months later the CIA Headquarters compound in Langley, Virginia was renamed for this man who entered the White House in 1981 as Reagan’s Vice President and later planted a seed that might produce a new sprout in 2017 of the Series 145 Kennedy theme. On October 26th, 1992, President Bush Sr. signed the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, which demands all National Archives records relating to Kennedy’s assassination be declassified within 25 years.5 The records might be released this October 26th with Jupiter Cazimi in the 4th degree of Scorpio and a waxing Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto at JFK’s IC. Are we prepared collectively to look into that shadowy death of a king that has collected almost 54 years of history’s dust?

According to the Act, one player could stand in the way. The FBI and CIA can appeal to the National Archives on the grounds of National Security, but only the President can block the release of these Kennedy assassination files.

Are the aggravated relations between President Trump and these three-letter intelligence organizations today not reminiscent of similar tensions that rumors from conspiracy circles suggest may have led to President Kennedy’s death?7 Echoes in the shadows of other rabbit holes suggest JFK was shot because he had the audacity to buck the big bank by printing debt-free money.8 It’s hard to imagine our current businessman President going rogue and printing Trump Notes, but the Federal Reserve was indeed one of many targets during his campaign.9

In a stellar article about Saros cycles, astrologer Bernadette Brady suggests the first eclipse “gives a ‘birth chart’ for a particular saros series and this chart sets the theme of expression of every other resulting eclipse in the series.”10 We shouldn’t be surprised, then, to see turbulence in government and finance during eclipses of this series as it began its journey in the 14th degree of Capricorn (opposing the USA’s Sun) with Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune strongly opposed Pluto in Taurus. The first constitution in the American Colonies was adopted ten days after that January 4th, 1639 first series eclipse. “The Fundamental Orders” were the first ever constitution based on the idea that the “foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people.”11


One hundred years later, Abraham Lincoln, who had spoken out against the bank and printed debt-free currency, was assassinated.7 President Lincoln was shot four days after a lunar eclipse and eleven days before a total solar eclipse conjoined his North Lunar Node during a Nodal Return. That April 25th, 1865 eclipse is not linked to this summer’s by Saros or Metonic cycles, but it’s shadow path13 is similar to that of the February 26th, 2017 eclipse14 and that of the October 19th, 1865 eclipse Lincoln would not live to see divided the United States in half on a nearly identical path that the Kneel Diamond shadow will trace in August. On December 6th, 1865, less than two months after the eclipse shadow traveled from the Northwest through the Deep South and across the Atlantic to Africa, slavery was abolished in the United States with the ratification of the 13th Amendment. It is encouraging to know the 1865 eclipse shadow that divided the United States in half accompanied the end, not the beginning of the Civil War. Could Kneel Diamond somehow serve to Unite the States whose citizens feels so entirely divided?

Solar Saros Series 145 has also arrived as wars departed. Eclipses of this family showed for the end of the American Revolutionary War in 1783 and for the end of World War II in 1945. The latter means this eclipse family is also connected to the first ever deployment of an atomic weapon. The eclipse aligned on July 9th, 1945 in the 17th degree of Cancer in a near conjunction with Saturn. Its shadow path connected the United States to Europe. The first nuclear test explosion mushroomed over the desert sands of New Mexico one week later. When Moon returned to Cancer to again apply to a partile conjunction with Saturn, the first bomb was deployed at Hiroshima. World War II officially ended with Japan’s formal surrender another 27-day synodic month later as Moon again applied to a conjunction with Saturn in Cancer. The longitudes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are almost exactly opposite the center of the shadow path where the greatest eclipse was seen two months before.

Has Solar Saros Series 145 been forever mutated by the cancer of atomic power? While my research does not ignore the scores of nuclear tests and accidents during the years of the series’ returns, I also see negotiations during the 1963 eclipse between Kennedy and Khrushchev that would lead to the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty15, the beginning of formal talks between Reagan and Brezhnev in 1981 that would eventually lead to the signing of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty16, and President Clinton’s 1999 press for the ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.17


What does it all mean? I am not suggesting we prepare for fallout this summer, but I do feel the fear and powerlessness invoked through contemplating these nuclear links to the eclipses of 2017 can help us tune into collective tendencies the Aquarius South Node is encouraging us to release. Or better said realign for we are not meant to abandon the archetype of the South Node entirely to engage with the other side. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are really six axes. Like hot and cold are both temperature, Leo and Aquarius are two sides of the same essence. We might call this essence “Love” with Aquarius representing humanitarian love for all and Leo representing the inner warmth cultivated only through true love for self. We might call this essence “Creation” with Aquarius representing the antenna to the collective called Imagination and Leo representing Inspiration, the inner source for living life as art. It is not about destroying the nature of one side to create a connection to the other. The world tree must grow in both directions.

As we reach for a brighter Leo, let us realign, not leave behind the revolutionary sign on its opposite side. May Imagination and Inspiration be connected through a circle, not just a line. True revolution stems from revelation. Humanitarian love for the Many can sometimes disconnect us from the heart of the One. What leads the leaders into decisions that result in the deployment of atomic weapons or the construction of nuclear power plants that inevitably produce radioactive waste we don’t know how to deal with? Classifying such decisions as evil or idiotic without first contemplating their root is unproductive for the growth of our tree. It is possible those often judged for “playing God” may be rooted in Love, though a Strangelove indeed.

When we follow imagination alone we can fall prey to the idea we’ll be saved by technology. In May of this year, Tokamak Energy powered up the UK’s latest and greatest controlled fusion reactor, which is expected to exceed temperatures of 100 million Celsius degrees by 2018.18 This is seven times hotter than the core of the Sun! Is it wise to create a star on a planet? Doesn’t it feel like we should each get a say in decisions to create devices that might blow us all away?

Perhaps, on some level we did, but before we untwist that lid, let us first honor the possibility that this so-called “Star in a Jar” technology will actually succeed to release us from our fossil fuel and nuclear dependency by generating unlimited free energy. Here’s an interesting riddle: how much should free energy cost? Here’s another: if the world Without is truly a reflection of the world Within, how can we receive free energy unless we first free our energy?

My personal mantra for the Fixed Sign polarities like Leo-Aquarius where the Lunar Nodes have just begun an 18-Month tour is “fix yourself to fix the world.” Folks often quote the Hermetic principal “As Above, So Below,” but forget the Emerald Tablets first say “As Below, So Above.”19 The Planets do not simply affect us: they reflect us. We are not only the audience of the Celestial Symphony, we are the instruments, the musicians, and even the conductor. The sacred science of Astrology helps us align to the Signs of the times, but the art of the chart suggests this is not a one-way exchange. We can assist in directing this eclipse and future members of its family simply by participating intentionally with its energy and giving intentional energy back through ceremony and offering.

An astrological degree is not required to see eclipses open doors to deep shadow work, but who says that work can’t be fun?

Royal Regulus resided at 29 Leo in 1925 when Elsie Wheeler channeled this Sabian Symbol image for that degree where Moon and Sun will soon meet to form the heavenly Kneel Diamond ring: “A Mermaid Emerges from Ocean Waves Ready for Rebirth in Human Form.” Are we ready to be reborn? Perhaps it is time to reclaim reality from the strange seas of mythic dream. What do we feel in our hearts when we think of the Queen? What do we feel when we hear names like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy or George Bush sr and Donald Trump? It is okay to deify or demonize these names of the so-called world stage, but this practice only stimulates growth Within when we look for ourselves in the reflections of these strange mirrors Without.

The death of the King, but what does that mean? What must we personally impeach within to free our energy? What greater offering could we bring to the sky diamond ring than that a composting of old hang ups into rich soil for planting new seeds? Leo is about radiance, inspiration, courage, creation, valor, vigor, art, passion, and play. May we go gladly into the dark to light a spark at the Lion’s Heart and stoke a roaring flame! Leo is about celebrity. They say Leo needs the stage and the spotlight, but truthfully the stage needs Leo because Leo is the spotlight. I’m not talking about those scary skeletons on the silver screen, but rather about the one who deserves the pedestal we place them on because their light shines so brightly, it warms the world. We are that one! We are the Star in a jar. We are the Lion’s Heart. Perhaps the world appears rotten because we’ve forgotten we are the brightest light. Well, a strong shadow this way comes to give us new sight.

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