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Nadia Mierau





I’m an astrologer, an artist and a website stylist. I believe that astrologers are amazing and they deserve to have amazing websites that present them in the most glamorous and dignifying way. I believe that elegance can be efficient and affordable. I’m presently a board member of National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) as well as a President of the Long Island chapter of the NCGR. In the past many years I have been in charge of Lincgr.com website. It’s currently the best looking website among all the chapters of NCGR.

My volunteer work for NCGR has a lot to do with graphic design, website design and management, youtube interviews, video editing and social media management. I currently mange NCGR 2017 conference website. My web design company (http://artwebspace.com) specializes in designing new websites and reviving old ones for individual professionals (like life coaches, artists, astrologers) and small businesses. I coach my clients PR and SEO strategies for their websites and social media. If you think your website could do a better job for you, please email me for a free review. . 

Vanessa Couto




I’m passionate about my work with individuals who want to better understand who they are, while learning how to navigate the thresholds in their journey towards birthing a richer and more purposeful life. 

By weaving elements from astrology, depth psychology, dreamwork, mythology and art into my coaching approach, I help my clients broaden their understanding of their life’s story, and view the path ahead with clarity and confidence.

Life is a journey, and your astrological chart is your road map. 

Flaming sunGemini

Art took me back to astrology. I've been in love with astrology since I was child running around the school yard during recess asking my classmates what were their signs.

When a client commissions a drawing of their birth chart, I first have the reading with the client, walk with them through their chart, and it's from this encounter that I find inspiration to create the art piece. I try to infuse the drawing with symbols that evoke my client's life theme or experience. Often clients are enthralled by the level of details and patterns placed in their birth chart, and they love the felt experience of having the chart come alive in such a visual way. My favorite part in this process, is seeing the client's reaction when they first see their charts. It really makes the piece and the entire experience come alive for me. It's such a joy for me to introduce my clients to their birth chart in this symbolic and colorful way. 


Philip Young



Web Designer - Tarot Deck Designer - Spiritual and Astrology Consultant

Tarot of Human Experience

I am a professional spiritual adviser who uses astrology, tarot/oracle cards, and the I-ching to help clients.  I also do past life regression work using a balancing muscle testing technique. 

In 2013 I published my astrology book Astrology Unlocked which is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press. 

In 2016 I self-published my tarot deck and book, Tarot of the Human Experience, which can be purchased online through my website. 

My home office is located in Cary, NC, but I work with clients from around the world using WhatsApp and Zoom.  All my sessions are recorded and I provide clients with scanned versions of the charts and cards used in my sessions with them.


Michael Bergen


The Astrology Code


Author of the Astrology Code

13,000 people in 80 different categories were studied to test the major techniques of Western astrology. Conclusive evidence was found showing the effect of the planets and the zodiac in our lives. Many surprising discoveries were made including that Libra and Aquarius interpretations are being reversed. This book contains models showing how the solar system represents consciousness and how each astrological technique functions. Full explanations of all findings are provided. A free 70+ page synopsis and a digital download version are available at www.AstrologyCode.org




Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editing and Proofreading

Geoff Gronlund is a student of evolutionary astrology and a freelance editor. For ten years, he was editor-in-chief of Nine Point Publishing, a small press that published poetry, interviews, art, biographies, and other ephemera. This included hand-bound limited editions and the arts & literary journal Omphalos. Please contact him if you need some help polishing up that article, blog post, chapter, or book. 



Michele Finey


Flaming sun

ASTROLOGY Calendars (Australia) and Astrology Services

My free monthly astrology newsletter INsight has been in production for more than 10 years. Please subscribe if you want to receive INsight via email once a month.

Each year I produce a comprehensive Australian Astrology Calendar suitable for both beginners and professional astrologers. You’ll find more in-depth analysis and astrology forecasts in Finey’s blog where I look more closely at the current stellar influences. 



NEVA WELTON (Washington)



One-of-a-kind. Like you.

Your natal chart is a work of art. Just like fingerprints, no two are exactly alike. Combining my love for astrology and my passion for digital art, I create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs based on the day, time, and place of your birth. Using my knowledge of astrology and the intuitive, guided hand of the creative process itself, each piece resonates with chart themes in magical and meaningful ways. Finished designs can be printed on paper or aluminum. Please visit my website to see more examples and prices.  

Neva artneva art


Kim DeNoue




Kim2Kim Jewel

My two passions are astrology and art. So I decided to marry these two in the form of astrological pendants, so you can "Wear Your Chart". Each pendant is carved in wax and cast in silver and can include your choice of a stone and/or a glyph.  



Sue Morris




Sue 2l


I’ve been passionate about astrology, organic gardening and herbalism for much of my life. Each of these interests requires extensive knowledge, experience and dedication to perfect. For years I experienced them as separate interests and eventually came to realize that I could combine them all by creating herbal products with plants that I grow using my astrological knowledge. I plant by the moon cycles (I published a Planting by the Moon calendar for 10 years) and harvest according to The Planetary Hours. For example, one of the plants I grow and use in my salves is comfrey, a Saturn ruled plant, for healing the skin. According to The Planetary Hours one of the ideal times for harvesting Saturn ruled plants is just after dawn on Saturday, so this is when I harvest. This enables me to create herbal products that are imbued with intention and potency. Sue’s Salves are powerful healing remedies for the skin.

I started Sue’s Salves in 2000. When Jupiter entered my 3rd house I entered a “Big Idea” Business Plan contest and won first prize ($25,000)! I expanded from making salves to crafting aromatherapy products, herbal massage oils, and many more all natural, chemical free products. My latest and most exciting endeavor is creating personalized botanical perfumes based on the individual birth chart. I studied Medical Herbalism and Spiritual Evolution in 2015. I spent 5 years at The Company of Astrologers in London in the 1980’s studying traditional astrology from some of the best astrologers in the world. I am retired from 30 years as a counseling nutritionist. I live in rural Pennsylvania where I now host retreats on Herbalism and Astrology.