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2018 Presentations

(1 hour long – 10am Pacific time)

Maurice FernandezSunday, January 21 – Maurice Fernandez (AZ)

Saturn and Karma - The laws that set us free

Saturn is the talk of the town as it is about to spend almost 3 years in Capricorn. But what is Saturn's deeper message? In our charts and by transit, Saturn perhaps is the key to true freedom.

Join Maurice for a scolding experience you shall hope to forget!

Find out more about Maurice Fernandez: Maurice's Website


Margaret GrayArmand DiazSunday, February 4 – Margaret Gray (Ireland) and Armand Diaz (NY)



Relationship Transitions: Understanding the Process of Change

Understanding the ebb and flow in Relationships with the help of transits to the midpoint composite and to the relocated composite charts.

Find out more about Margaret and Armand: www.RelationshipsandAstrology.com


Ursula StockderSunday, February 18 – Ursula Stockder (Mexico)

The Spiritual Dimension of the ZOOdiac

The Greek, Egyptian and Hindu gods took al forms of animals. Animals became the sublime and sacred language used as the vehicle, a vital force in nature and later the finer and spiritual force. These animals became the friends, helpers and guides, who are but gods themselves in beast form, and received divine homage as the animals in the zodiacal wheel. In this lecture we are going to explore the influence animals have had through time in the symbolic language of the ZOO-DIAC.

Find out more about Ursula Stockder: Ursula's Facebook Page


Nadia Smirnova-MierauSunday, March 4 – Nadia Smirnova-Mierau (NY)

Music of the Spheres. Physics of Astrology.

How does the Moon, the Sun and other celestial bodies actually affect us on a physical level? Physics of Astrology, a ground breaking theoretical framework, is specializing in answering that question. The vibrational energy that is being broadcast by celestial bodies defines the shape of space and therefore ties the movement of celestial bodies with our everyday lives. It reaches us in a form of a beautiful music we dance to and this is not a metaphor.
In this workshop you will learn how subtle gravity pull coupled with resonance phenomenon disarms any skeptic's argument about gravity effect being too small to explain astrology.

Find out more about Nadia: www.Physicsofastrology.com


Sheri Horn HassanSunday, March 18 – Sheri Horn Hassan (NJ)

Chiron Ingress into Aries: Wound to the Right to Exist

The archetype of Chiron, the wounded healer, is found somewhere in all our charts. However, when transiting Chiron moves into the Mars-ruled sign of Aries on April 17, 2018 (until September 25, 2019), we’ll all be asked to look at where our personal split between mind & body, intellect & instinct, interdependence & independence may need further examination. When Chiron moves from its watery Piscean domain into the first sign of the zodiac, we may all feel the pull both individually and collectively to rise up and heal what’s wounded us in terms of our decision to take that first independent breath of life. How we handle moving forward and making proactive choices, whether we favor independence over cooperation/negotiation (or vice versa!), & how we express our personal will & emotions will all be food for thought during this important transit. Join professional astrologer Sheri Horn Hasan of Karmic Evolution to learn more about the types of issues that may challenge us all as we move toward healing our deepest wounds, and gathering the courage needed to face both our individual future and that of the collective…

Find out more about Sheri: www.KarmicEvolution.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarmicEvolutionForYourSoul/


Christina CaudillSunday, April 15 – Christina Caudill (FL)

Maximize Your Profitability as an Astrologer

In 2015, Forbes valued the online learning industry at $105 billion, with continued growth expected. However, many astrologers are still trading their time for dollars with readings or writing horoscopes for free while struggling to earn a living. If we're truly entering the Golden Age of Astrology then the time is ripe for professional astrologers to use their wealth of knowledge to maximize profitability in their practices.
Astrologer Christina Caudill leads a workshop on her 6 Step Framework to creating your first online astrology course. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding astrologer, a course can help attract an audience even if you don't yet have a large following. If you heed the call of Saturn in Capricorn to create structure for growth in your business, you'll be primed for Uranus in Taurus to take it to a whole new level!

Find out more about Christina: www.RadiantAstrology.com


Rick LevineSaturday, April 28 – Rick Levine (WA)

The X-tiles: "The Truth is Out There"

X-tiles are non-Ptolemaic aspects, reduced by some astrologers to "minor aspect" status. Perhaps you've heard of quintiles and septiles, but what do you do when you see one? How do you find them? And what do they mean? This class is a quick-and-easy guide to locating and interpreting the X-tiles in natal charts and by transit. Once you see them in action, you'll know why they cannot be ignored.

Find out more about Rick: www.StarIQ.com


Alex TrenowethSaturday, May 12 – Alex Trenoweth (UK)

Saturn Transits: The Wolves You Feed

There are two wolves fighting inside of you, the old story goes, one wolf is good and the other is evil. “But Grandfather,” asked the child, “Which one wins?” The Grandfather answered, “The wolf you feed.” Hard aspects of transiting Saturn to its natal position occur about every 7 years and are particularly important before the first Saturn return as they help form the building blocks of development. These aspects force the native to make a decision: either give up or get up and fight. Using case studies as well as statistical analysis, Alex demonstrates the importance of putting effective intervention in place for school age children to prevent later difficulties and also shows how adults can resolve past difficult patterns of behaviour that lead to addiction and fear by examining crucial Saturn transits.

Find out more about Alex: www.AlexTrenoweth.com


Sol JonassenSunday, June 3 – Sol Jonassen (Norway)

Healing Mars: The Art of Fighting or the Pain of Conflict

With Mars retrograde and Chiron into Aries in the course of 2018, it is important to focus on how to regulate Mars and our instinctive nature. In the area of human interaction we often experience our most vulnerable selves. Mars can be particularly challenging when we socialize. We can be hyper-stimulated and have our adrenals go into fight mode, or feel depleted by stress. In this lecture, we will look at the upcoming transit of Mars retrograde, and its different modes of expressions.

Find out more about Sol: www.sol-with.com


David CochraneSunday, June 24 – David Cochrane (FL)

Making Breakthrough Discoveries in Astrology

We live in an exciting Information Age with powerful mobile phones, social media, and lightning fast technology. Can astrology benefit from this explosion in information and technology? Yes!!! However, most of us barely scratch the surface of what is possible. Information systems guru David Cochrane has delved deep into computer technology, research methods, information systems, advanced modeling, science and metaphysics and with his team has paved a way for astrology to transform to a new level. There are amazingly simple and powerful ways for us to better understand something as basic as the actual meaning of zodiac signs to ancient astrological ideas and modern new astrological ideas. David will explain how he and his team have used these tools to bring exciting new insights and how you can do it to. Sophisticated technical talent is NOT needed, but being an astrologer with good insights is needed to make breakthrough discoveries. Learn how you can do it too and better communicate your discoveries to other astrologers and to professionals in any field.

Find out more about David: www.astrosoftware.com


Russell OhlhausenSunday, July 7 – Russell Ohlhausen (TX)

Celestia Mathematica: The Presence of the Fundamental Force

The mathematical language spoken by the Universe is the basic structure, "the cosmological simplex”, which defines all aspects and expressions of the Zodiac. The energetic “fundamental force” of nature that creates particles, sunflowers, people, planets, solar systems and galaxies is singular in pattern, yet infinite in its variety. It’s functions are scalable and self-organizing, providing an energetic framework that can be found in all structure and form. Once you understand how to ‘see’ our reality through numbers, you can peer into hidden mysteries – including Astrology. Russ von Ohlhausen will discuss his original research on how the “presence of the fundamental force" can be understood through the language of numbers, primarily in the Fibonacci Sequence, one of the basic patterns found in the cosmos. Finally he’ll show how this essential blueprint is the foundational pattern for the creation of our astrological language.

Find out more about Russell: www.vonohlhausen.com


Sharon KnightSaturday, July 22 – Sharon Knight (UK)

Sect and Triplicity Rulership

The use of Sect and Triplicity in Natal Delineation all but disappeared after the 17th Century along with Astrology. With the revival of astrology in the West in the 20th century, Sect was cast adrift and if Triplicity was used at all, it was in the way promoted by Ptolemy. Thanks to ARHAT and others, translations of Valens and Dorotheus showed that far from being a by-line, these two considerations were very important when assessing the quality of the life of an individual. We will be looking at some charts from Valens and then at a well known personality to see how the use of Sect and the Three triplicity rulers can add insights to our work.

Find out more about Sharon: www.astrologersharon.co.uk


Alexandra KaracostasSunday, August 4 – Alexandra Karacostas (CA)

Uranus in Taurus

A Time of Reckoning and Re-evaluation of our Resources-Within and Without.

Find out more about Alexandra: www.WisdomAstrology.com


Gali Sat Puran LivnehSaturday, September 8 – Gali Sat Puran Livneh (Israel)

Spiritual Leadership in the 21st Century

Throughout the history of mankind, people were always looking for spiritual guides or Gurus to follow. In the reality we live in today, it seems that many become themselves spiritual leaders and teachers. These roles can be quite challenging sometimes and bring with them still an evolutionary work to do. In this lecture we'll meet various spiritual leaders through their birth charts, look for the important astrological signatures and their challenges, as a mirror for all of us on our spiritual path.

Find out more about Gali Sat Puran Livneh: www.Healingstar11.com/en


Julija SimasSunday, September 30 – Julija Simas (Australia) at 3pm Pacific

Venus Star Point Cycle

Venus rx Star Point in Scorpio opposite Uranus OCT 2018 As Venus makes her next rx Star point at 2 Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, in this webinar we explore this next star point as part of the constantly forming Venus Star. We will be looking at the 9.5 month, 19 month, 4 year and 8 year cycle of Venus.

Find out more about Julija: www.CosmicIntelligenceAgency.com


Naomi BennettSunday, October 21 – Naomi Bennett (TX)

What are Moon Wobbles and Why They are Important

Astrology has recognized eclipses for thousands of years around the world but there is a new term called Moon Wobbles that is similiar to the importance of eclipses but since it is a square aspect there is no eclipse. Naomi Bennett defines this and then gives historical examples that are important to the Moon Wobbles in 2018.

Find out more about Naomi: www.LearnAstrologyNow.com


Shannon JonesRussell OhlhausenSaturday, November 3 – Shannon Jones & Russell Ohlhausen (TX)



Sexuality in the Aquarian Age: Merging the Opposites Within

Find out more about Shannon Jones: www.shannonjonesastrology.com


Kate RuskoSunday, November 18 – Kate Rusko (Canada)

Topic TBD




Ian WaislerSunday, December 2 – Ian Waisler (CA)

Topic TBD


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