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Past Event — Let’s Explore 2024

Sunday March 31 (Australia)
10am AEDT
Saturday March 30 (US & Europe)
4pm PT | 7pm ET | 11pm UTC

  • Lisa Jones
  • Dijana Dawe
  • Marc Laurenson
  • Julija Simas

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Lisa Jones

Embrace the Archaeologist: On a Personal Dig with the Lord of the Underworld

As Pluto enters Aquarius, the collective is plunged into a global awareness of the progress required for the collective to make real progress, on our personal journeys, we are asked to dance with the god of the underworld, looking deeply into his eyes and confront the deepest vulnerabilities, that allow us to raise our vibration and rise from the ashes. Pluto is a gift, breathing new life into our evolutionary quest to reclaim our power and walk into the fires of our truth and conviction.


Dijana Dawe

Navigating the Crossroads: Truth, Reality, and Jupiter in Gemini

As Jupiter moves into Gemini, could we be faced with a profound philosophical question: How do we discern truth and reality at the crossroads of the expansions of information and advanced technology?

We will briefly jump back into the historical themes of Jupiter in Gemini to explore how this alignment shaped us and then ponder on how this alignment in context of our other astrological signatures may now influence us. Jupiter in Gemini may amplify our access to information, shape our critical thinking and refine our communication skills. Yet amidst this potential for growth in these areas, we will also confront the looming possibility for misinformation overload and heightened AI technology challenging us to question everything and redefine how we arrive at what we understand as reality and truth.


Marc Laurenson

Neptune dances back and forth over the final degree of the Zodiac between May 2024 to January 2026. The Anaretic degree of a sign is a hypertensive point but you can turn up the volume here when talking about Pisces. The combination of releasing, urgency and bringing things to a head all come together at this crucial point.

In this talk I will discuss what this could mean for us personally and collectively, so we can come into alignment with what this final degree is trying to teach us.


Julija Simas

Coming up June 4th, UTC Venus will make the next Star Point with the Sun in Gemini at 14°29’. Venus Star Points occur every 9.5 months in only 5 signs in any given time period. The current Venus Star Points occur in Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Libra/Scorpio and Leo. Find out the significance of the coming Gemini star point from a mundane and personal perspective.