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Past Event — 2024 Panel


Sunday January 28, 2024
10am PT | 1pm ET | 12pm Central

  • Mel Priestley
  • Jennifer Ng
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The recent winter solstice and other various year-end holidays has the Sun
highlighting the sign of Capricorn, with Pluto in the background along with Mars, Mercury
and Venus – in that order! In our first Cafe of 2024, we invite you to connect, chat and share
how you plan (Saturn) on manifesting your New Year’s visions (Jupiter in Taurus) and
goals (Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, currently in Pisces). We also welcome any comments,
thoughts and questions from our OPA Canada 2024 panel in December 2023, while
building our community from our last OPA Canada Cafe in November 2023. What are you
looking forward to and what are your hopes for 2024? We look forward to seeing previous
attendees and new ones alike!

This event is free for everyone, even non-members!

Mel Priestley

Mel PriestlyMel Priestley is a consulting astrologer and writer based in Edmonton, Canada. She has been studying astrology for many years and completed the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology Certificate at Kepler College in 2021. She has been a professional freelance writer for over 15 years and has written extensively about wine, food, theatre and now, astrology. She currently serves on the executive committee of the Edmonton Astrological Society and is also co-lead of OPA’s Canadian satellite. Visit her site at melpriestley.ca for her latest blog posts and to book a consultation, and sign up to her newsletter to stay in touch.


Jennifer Ng

Jennifer NgJen lives under the Treaty 13 and the Williams Treaties in T’karanto/Toronto, which are traditional lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples.

Jen practices a blend of Western Traditional and Modern astrology in horary, forecasting, and synastry consultations. She is a proud graduate of IAA and also holds the Horary Practitioner from STA. Jen practices Four Pillars (八字 Ba’Zi) and Feng Shui (風水) from the Yellow Hat Sect widely practised in East Asia and teaches Four Pillars at IAA. She was a panel member for Donna van Toen’s State of the Art (SOTA) Astrology Conference, Astrology & Diversity Panel. Jen continues her own astrological professional development and research, acknowledging other astronomical systems and Star Teachings.

Jen has given talks for NGCR-Canada, NCGR-Las Vegas Stargazers, OPA & OPA Canada, ATI, and is also a member of Kepler Toastmasters (KAT). She holds a bachelor’s degree of Applied Maths & Sciences, and is also a certified and licensed educator, with special needs learner accreditations. Jen aims to bring insight to her clients.