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The program includes 10 videos and handouts to help you with the study at home

You can view the recordings of each session at your own time.

Maurice Fernandez

Session 1 – Introduction to Astrology: History, Astronomy, Astrology, and Humanity – Maurice Fernandez

  • Why Astrology, its meaning, use, and purposes
  • General history and development
  • Different Astrology orientations
  • Different uses for Astrology – Now and in the future

Carol Dimitrov

Session 2 – Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water – Carol Dimitrov

  • Explanation about these elements in nature and how they relate to the respective signs
  • The progression from one sign to another within the same element
  • Lack or excess of an element
Arlan-WiseGeoff Gronlund

Session 3 & 4 – The Signs part 1 & 2: Aries to Pisces – Arlan Wise and Geoff Gronlund

  • Explanation of each sign and the natural progression from one sign to another
  • Reference to the ruler (planet) of each sign, and how the ruler becomes the ambassador of that sign

Geni Picazo

Session 5 – The Modes: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable / Dispositor Pattern / Essential Dignities – Geni Picazo

  • Explanations of the MODES – Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable
  • How the Modes capture the seasons, and mid seasons of our calendar – North or South Hemisphere seasons
  • The ruler and dispositor of each sign, leading to identify a final dispositor
  • Explaining Traditional and Modern rulership
  • Reference to Essential Dignities used in some astrology systems

Gemma Harwood

Session 6 – Angles: Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC and Houses / Intro Into House Systems – Gemma Harwood

  • The daily motion of the Earth determining the angles of the chart – Clockwise daily motion of planets and counterclockwise cycles of planets
  • Meanings of each angle and how it marks the quarters of the chart
  • Discussion about the existing variety of house systems – how each one serves a different purpose based on the intended use
  • The “locational” Quadrant based House systems: Placidus, Koch, Porphyry
  • The “symmetrical” house systems: Equal, Whole Sign, Solar, and Classical (0 Aries)


Anne OrteleeSession 7 & 8 – The Moon in Each Sign – Kay Taylor & Anne Ortelee

  • How the Moon captures the Cancer themes it rules
  • Keywords for the Moon
  • Synthesizing Moon in each signs
  • An example chart

shannon gill

Session 9 – The Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars
– Shannon Gill

  • Inner Planets: what do they represent as a whole
  • The cycles of each planet
  • Keywords for each planet
  • Explaining the dual rulership and meaning of Mercury and Venus
  • Reference to Mars co-rulership of Scorpio with Pluto
  • Using examples to synthesize each planet in different signs – applying each planet in two or three signs


Angela-TikiSession 10 – The Social Planets: Jupiter & Saturn
– Angela Tiki

  • Social Planets: what do they represent as a whole
  • The cycle of each planet
  • Keywords for Jupiter and Saturn
  • Synthesis examples in signs
  • Referencing the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn


maurice fernandezSession 11 – The Transpersonal Planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – Maurice Fernandez

  • Outer/Transpersonal Planets: what do they represent as a whole
  • Useful keywords for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
  • Using examples to synthesize each planet in different signs


gemini brettSession 12 – Introduction to Astronomy for Astrologers
– Gemini Brett

  • Order of the Solar System – Sizes and Distances
  • Ecliptic and Celestial Equator/Poles – The Zodiac and The Seasons
  • The Angles
  • Signs and Constellations