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Past Event – Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in 2024


Saturday, 20 April
5:30pm BST (UK)
9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET | 4:30pm UTC

  • Geoff Dykes
  • Roy Gillett
  • Martha Clarke
Gemma Harwood

Moderated by
Gemma Harwood

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Geoff Dykes

A Personal Perspective on Pluto Towards 2027

Along with around 15% of the current global population I am one of the ‘silver tsunami’ aka baby boomers (1946-64) born with Pluto in Leo (ingress 1/1/46) or Virgo (ingress 31/12/63). For those of us born between October 1956 and July 1960, this of course means that we are now experiencing our Pluto quincunx (2 ° orb). I hope to present my take on this as ‘the new kid on the block’ with reference to both the astrology and the ‘science of differentiation’, otherwise known as the Human Design System and how I am translating this into a practical application.

About Geoff
Introduced to astrology by the late Patric Walker’s sun sign column in the Daily Mail back in the 70’s my fascination with the subject took a back seat as my career in the travel industry took off.
In 2023, at the very moment Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time in 246 years, I opened a studio in Hebden Bridge with the principle aim of encouraging others to become their own astrologer. Akin to a classroom, curious visitors are invited in to find their ‘animal spirit’ only to leave being enlightened as to what proper astrology is all about. Amongst my offerings is a 24 page booklet entitled ‘Magic I AM’ – a comprehensive overview of a person’s birth date from a dozen different esoteric perspectives. www.gelageo.com/bio


Roy Gillett

April 2024 – Before and After

On 8 April, there is a Solar Eclipse across the USA. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on the 24th. Roy will look back and forward to put the period of these key astro-events in perspective. What may be coming to a head? How might this relate to the massive planetary changes in the coming two years?

About Roy
Roy Gillett, president of The Astrological Association, has published karma-based mundane astrology projections for 45 years, especially in the AA Journal’s Working with the Planets – illustrated key extracts alongside historical reference now in Working with the Planets book form . He has edited English translations of André Barbault books. Website with details of Solar Fire and other astro-software, plus extracts from his published books at www.crucialastrotools.co.uk


Martha Clarke

The Spring Equinox – A Time Where We Invoke the Midpoint Between the Winter and Summer Solstice

This years Spring Equinox on 20th march is highly Neptunian. The Sun in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, which is also in Pisces. Along with this the Moon is also trining Neptune Time to dream big. How big are your dreams? How much bigger can you make them?

Are you truly living the life you desire, or simply living a life others wish you to live Now more than ever is the time to invoke Neptune – to writing, dreaming, visualising and journaling With Saturn in Pisces, hence also ruled by Neptune, now is also a time to check whether your dreams are grounded in reality If not, what can you do to make this the case?

Learn how to invoke Neptune during this Spring Equinox with Martha Clarke, and make your wildest dreams come true It can be easier than you think!

About Martha
Martha is an international astrologer who specialises in astrocartography. She has an Advanced Certificate in Astrology from Blue Rose School of Astrology Dublin, A Certificate in Counselling from Cork Counselling Centre Advanced Cert in Feng Shui from Chue Foundation Milan. She has relocated regularly herself, both to Italy and the USA in recent years and can personally testify to the power of a relocated chart.

She loves nothing more than to empower her clients to live a creative life beyond their wildest dreams through the lens of astrocartgraphy Martha also teaches an Intensive Course in Astrocartography several times a year.

You can join OPA for $40 and get 16 Speaker Series talks, 4 OPA Live presentations, and monthly Transit talks. With a membership, you are also eligible for discounts for Immersion workshops and conferences.