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The Professional Astrologer
Building a Successful Astrology Practice(2015)

The Professional Astrologer BookUnderstanding the Profession and Guidance for a Successful Practice in Astrology:

Today, we are witnessing a revival in Astrology with enhanced educational programs, community events, and research, creating better astrologers and a higher quality of service.

But, what does it take to become a successful Astrologer?

This volume gathers the experience and guidance of some of the world’s most successful astrologers, who discuss the dos and don’ts, potential pitfalls and rewards, and critical building blocks of a successful and fulfilling practice.

This book is written for us who love astrology — those who are practicing, or those who are perhaps contemplating doing so, and for anyone who would like to learn about the way the profession and the community of astrologers has evolved over the past few decades. Along with practical guidelines to create a successful practice, the book contains many personal accounts and stories about the community of astrologers.
We are truly pleased to have this resource available. We hope you will find it helpful and valuable.

Topics include:

✨ Marketing Strategies and Astrology Resources
✨ Financial Matters and Legal Issues
✨ Consultation Dynamics and Ethical Considerations
✨ Writing and Publishing
Including a survey on the profession and multiple interviews


Chris McRae – Steven Forrest – Donna Young – Maurice Fernandez – Sandra Leigh Serio – Georgia Stathis – Anne C. Ortelee – Melanie Reinhart – Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) – Caroline W. Casey – Monica Dimino – Jacqueline L. Janes – Frank C. Clifford – Nancy Beale – Kay Taylor – Kim Marie – Chris Brennan –Aleksandar Imsiragic– Madalyn Hillis-Dineen – Alexandra Karacostas – Arlan Wise – Linea Van Horn – Ray Merriman – Donna Woodwell – Hakan Kirkoglu – Wendy Stacey


Introduction – Maurice Fernandez For a Future Generation of Astrologers

1 – Donna Young The Different Orientations in Astrology

2 – Maurice Fernandez Building and Sustaining a Successful Practice

3 – Sandra-Leigh Serio Consultations, Counseling and Ethical Considerations

4 – Chris McRae The Financial Equation

5 – Georgia Stathis Making your Practice Financially Viable

5B – Anne Ortelee A Business Plan

6 – Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) Legal Issues in the Practice of Astrology

7 – Wendy Stacey The Times are a-Changin’

8 – Monica Dimino Building a Feedback Loop into your Professional Practice

9 – Jacqueline L. Janes Counseling Techniques for the Consulting Astrologer

10 – Arlan Wise Writing and Astrology

11 – Frank C. Clifford In Print: A Practical Guide for Writers of Astrology

12 – Alexandra Karacostas The Power of the Peer Group in Astrology

13 – Kay Taylor Professional Development and the Community of Astrology

Resource Index – Nancy Beale

💫INTERVIEWS with Professional Astrologers💫

Steven Forrest, Melanie Reinhart, Kim Marie, Chris Brennan, Hakan Kirkoglu, Caroline Casey, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Linea Van Horn, Donna Woodwell, Ray Merriman, & Aleksandar Imsiragic.

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Michael Lutin

I am wondering what the astrologers from the early 20th century all the way back to the ancients would say merely to contemplate the multi-dimensions of the science and art of Astrology as captured in THE PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGER.

Under the creative and inspiring direction of President Maurice Fernandez, the Organization of Professional Astrologers has produced a tome of invaluable scope. Compiled, contributed and edited by the members and friends of OPA, we are presented with a super panoramic view of Astrology– where it came from, where it is now, and where it is going.

The OPA book Chronicles our history, describes our presence in the world and suggests how astrologers can better their position their art as well as themselves.

It is not, however, an arcane reference book geared only to initiated fans of any so-called inner circle of esoteric studies. It is rather a view for all people to examine the thousand facets of the glittering prism of astrological knowledge.

It reveals the myriad ways to study and practice the mindbending phenomenon of human consciousness through the study of the heavens. And it’s all in simple plain talk anybody can read and grasp, whether you agree with all of the material or not.

It tells the story with no proselytizing under motive, It says what astrology is and suggests how to practice it in good faith and prosperity

Michael Lutin

It speaks to the staunch nonbeliever or confirmed student.

At the end of the day that’s what we all are: astrology students, and this book inspires us all to keep learning.

Michael Lutin


This is your book; you must have this book! Buy this book!

You want to know more? Why is this book your book? Why must you have it? OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) has put forward a compendium on becoming, being a professional astrologer, and developing your own astrological business. It does not matter the level of astrology you are learning or practicing on, this book has a lot for everyone.

In reading, The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practice, OPA establishes a benchmark in the counseling astrology field. In this regard, the mission of OPA stands firmly behind you, the practicing astrologer. Consider OPA’s mission and the objective of this book:

“…advancing the cause of professional astrology by helping students and practicing astrologers get the information, insights, and experiences they need to foster their understanding of astrology, and launch and enhance their astrology practices.”

The uniqueness of this book is its organization and presentation of the various chapters. Each chapter is written by one of the most recognized names in our astrological community. From each of their own perspective and experience, these practicing professional astrologers are our teachers in the many facets of being a professional in astrology.

For me, the pages in this book flew by, I was entranced with all the information, ideas, and experiences down to the smallest nuance. Each chapter is a piece of the roadmap to be considered and used in developing the work we do and or our individual style, ethics, business persona and public face. The message is that our personal business practices are always changing. Knowing the essential foundations and the building a strong, yet flexible and attainable business plan and review are developed and underscored.

It reveals the myriad ways to study and practice the mindbending phenomenon of human consciousness through the study of the heavens. And it’s all in simple plain talk anybody can read and grasp, whether you agree with all of the material or not.

It tells the story with no proselytizing under motive, It says what astrology is and suggests how to practice it in good faith and prosperity.

The question I faced was, how much of each chapter issue am I using or not using to its fullest? Well, now there is a book, another tool I can use to develop and grow my astrological business. This book collectively hundreds of years of experience and suggestions from successful, public astrologers.

Listing of chapters is not generally necessary or wanted in a book review. Yet consider each chapter, the topic and author. It is evident the rich and deep expertise and experience of the author. In your possession of this book, you have their guidance, ideas, years of experience, and best practices. Read each chapter. Consider them all and take what you need. As you develop, return to a chapter issue you want to further develop. Chapters are both general and specific. Each chapter is a book unto itself.

In the last section of the book are interviews by various well-known professional astrologers. While interesting and informative, this section used a self-interview formula outline which each astrologer completed. To keep in the same spirit the book was written, I would have enjoyed a personal narrative from each astrologer on how they began, grew and maintained their astrological business. A real-life example in the careers of these noted astrologers.

Witnessing each astrologer’s journey using the topics of each chapter provides us a spectator’s view and demonstration of applying the principles found in this book. Yet, we all have a story we are constantly evolving and rewriting. In the end, each one of us can learn from someone else or assist someone else. Being a professional is what we do and who we are.

In conclusion: This is your book; you must have this book! Read, enjoy, use and reuse this book and continue the success within you. It is you, your clients, our community and profession who will benefit.

I say congratulations to OPA and on our never-ending story along the professional astrologers path.

Richard Smoot

Richard has as been an astrologer since 1971 and is a certified astrologer by several astrological associations nationally and internationally. A former licensed social worker; he currently is the Operations Manager for the ISAR; The publisher of the ISAR International Astrologer; Co­chair of ISAR’s Consulting Skills Program; An OPA Peer Group leader and a Graduate of the Merriman Market Timing Academy and is involved in several other organizations. Smoot puts the “S” in Service. Richard’s emphasis in his consultations is to empower his clients in determining their own life.