Amir Bey: Combining Composite and Davison Charts, Part of Union


Recorded : December 2023

Comparison is key to understanding relationships. Composite and Davison techniques independently offer important information, and together parallels between them, natural results of their combination, and can provide dynamic insights. From these studies Amir has used The Part of Union, a point that incorporates the MC, Sun, and True North Node, three points that he has identified as The Triad, because their positions are consistent within 5 degrees. Throughout, the blending of these two techniques and through their combination there mirrors important parallels.

Amir began occult studies in 1968 with tarot and the I Ching, studying astrology in 1971, practicing since 1973. Since 1997 Amir practiced and researched combining Composite and Davison Relationship Charts. A visual artist, curator, and performance artist, Amir combines these disciplines with astrological concepts. Amir practices astrology, tarot, The Equinox Celebration Tarot, and coffee readings in the US since 2012 and throughout Japan.

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