Angela Tiki: Pallas Athena Asteroid


Recorded : November 2022

The union of Zeus – the King of gods and mortals – and Metis – the personification of sagacity and cunning – brought to life Athena Pallas, the female Archetype of Wisdom, Strategy, and War. As a symbol of eternal maidenhood, she represents purity and cleanness both in body and Spirit. Athena Pallas can be found in many Hellenic myths, standing on the side of great heroes, guiding them through her intellect and clear-eyed perception to accomplish their ultimate mission, an allegory of our life’s journey. Pallas Athena has been actively involved in the major planetary transits of current times, playing a crucial role in the dramatic changes. What is her message? In this presentation, we will also discover the gifts of Athena in our natal chart according to the sign and house placement.

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