Christos Archos: Using Harmonics and CosmoBiology in Synastry


Recorded: November 2023

Harmonics and Cosmobiology are two interesting techniques that can help us understand better the dynamics of a relationship and its future. By incorporating those techniques in synastry we are provided with more depth to the psychological foundations of a relationship.

Christos Archos is a renowned Greek astrologer based in Athens and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2003. As the founder of the Mediterranean and Balkan Institute for Astrological Research, he is dedicated to educating and fostering connections between astrologers and enthusiasts within these regions. Widely recognized on Greek television and radio, Archos also maintains a strong presence on social media. With a foundation in psychology, he holds dual master’s degrees in Clinical and Health Psychology. Additionally, he is a certified CBT therapist and has training in Family Constellations

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