Deal of the Month. 2020 Astrology RETREAT 14 SHORT TALKS package


You could not make it to the whole retreat, but you can now purchase the recordings of the 14 short talks.

DAY 1 – Bridging Science and Spirituality

ROY GILLETT – The Liberating Science of Astrology, Karma and Reincarnation.
ANNE ORTELEE – The Draconic Chart
MAURICE FERNANDEZ – Research Astrology – Truth Seekers come Forth
ÖNER DÖŞER – A Rational Approach for determining Spirituality in a Chart
FRANCO SOULBODY – You’re an engineer? How can you be into Astrology?

DAY 2 – Astrology Diversity

– The Secret History of Astrology.
THEO NAICKER – Atmakāraka: the Mover of the Soul
SUZY HOLBROOK – Medical Astrology from a Scientific and Spiritual Perspective
TIMON HAREWOOD – Declinations in the Chart
(Keynote Presentation with) KAY TAYLOR – What’s Happening on Tuesday?—Disaster or Awakening?


CHRISTOPHER RENSTROM – Religious Aversions and Condemnation of Astrology
GEMINI BRETT – What in the Heavens is the Zodiac?
MOON ZLOTNICK – Twins: Same Chart, Different Lives
RUSSELL OHLHAUSEN – Codex of the Cosmos – Where Consciousness and Matter Meet

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