Gaye Alkan: A Modern Approach to Annual Profections



Annual Profections is an ancient technique that shows you the general qualities and the theme of the year, which Time Lord planet is activated, and what possible scenarios, scenes are under the spotlight. With this tool, it’s possible to get an idea not only for the next year, you can take a “life tour” around the chart, see repetitive patterns, and you can double check the themes with other prediction techniques. In this lecture, you will be learning how to use annual profections and how to integrate profections into your astrological readings.

Gaye Alkan, ISAR Cap, OPA Certified, is a professional astrologer. She studied a Traditional to Modern program at ASA, continued her studies into Hermetic Astrology, Energy Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, also studied Uranian Astrology. She is the host of StarClub Turkish and runs ISAR Turkey. Her articles are being published in Astrology journals, such as The Evolving Astrologer, ISAR Web Site and ISAR Journal. She is one of the speakers of ISAR StarClub, OPA Talks, OPA Conferences. Her approach is blending Traditional techniques with Modern approaches with a soul perspective.