Lucian Schloss: The Great Spiral


Recorded : August 2023

In this talk, Lucian will map out the generic seven-year cycles of Saturn and Uranus over the course of an average Biography. Using the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Dane Rudhyar’s seven-year developmental cycles, and Ptolemy’s “The Ages of humanity”, Lucian will outline how the dance between form (Saturn) and chaos (Uranus) creates the evolutionary rhythm of the soul’s development. These cycles become a useful guide in astrological and psychotherapeutic work, to focus in on the developmental goals and trials of each seven-year period.

Lucian attended CIIS to become a counselor in 2007. There he took a class called “Cosmos and Psyche” with Richard Tarnas. This introduced him to the archetypal language of Astrology. He studied with Mark Jones and Gemini Brett among others and has been studying the work of Rudolf Steiner bringing his unique perspective to Lucian’s work. Over the years he has developed a technique he calls “Sacred Timeline Astrology”, mapping the generic 7-year cycles of Saturn and Uranus over the human lifespan, as a road map for human development and personal growth.

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