Magali Morales: Using Astrology to Empower Parents and Help Their Children Thrive


Recorded : September 2003

Giving parents a solid understanding of the astrological archetypes of their children’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant promotes empathy and removes judgment. It is also an empowering approach to helping them solve their parenting challenges. Not all forms of encouragement or approaches to behavior issues work for all children. Astrology gives us a unique insight into the individuality of each child, and parents can harness this understanding to nurture their children’s gifts, aid them with their life lessons, and teach them empathy, acceptance, and self-care.

Magali Morales, MSW, is a Mexican-Guatemalan evolutionary astrologer, spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner, now serving as OPA’s Vice-president and representative of Ethics and International Satellites. Magali has done extensive work in the field of healing trauma and dismantling oppression, and she is an activist at the intersection of social and climate justice. She offers astrological and healing services in English and Spanish.

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