Cassandra Butler — Exploring your Inner Guru: Jupiter in Gemini


Astrology’s blueprint for each of us is individualistic and profound. Jupiter is the key planet in guiding us to truth, positivity, and abundance. Understanding how to work with your personal Jupiter can assist you in achieving your goals which reflect your deepest truth. The planet Jupiter can be in any one of twelve signs defined by four elements. These wisdom tools reflect the four elements; air (mental); fire (visual); water (emotional); and earth (physical). Each of the twelve ways of accessing inner wisdom will be illuminated. You will learn how to access your inner wisdom, or Jupiter, using meditative tools. As Jupiter is now the sign of Gemini, it’s more important than ever to discern how to tap into one’s own guidance, as we turn down the outside chatter around us. This workshop will combine information sharing about your personal Jupiter, plus an experiential journey to access the inner guru within.

Cassandra Joan Buttler, BSW, MS, LMT has been a noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development and bodywork since 1987. She has shared her knowledge with thousands of students in a variety of settings. She has presented at many international venues and conferences including Lily Dale, Chautauqua Institution, The United Astrology Conference, and Fellowships of the Spirit. Cassandra writes for several national publications and is a frequent guest on WNY radio and television and is the producer/host of `Cosmic Connections’. She is founder of the Divine Grace Fellowship Church which blends astrological wisdom with a healing ministry. She provides FB live sessions weekly for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, the world’s largest astrological platform.