OPA LIVE – 2023 The Year Ahead


Recorded: December 11, 2022

Our final OPA Live of 2022 explores the astrological weather of the upcoming year. Although we can be certain that life is a constant flow of change, we feel comforted to stop and assess where we’ve been and how we may step forward with greater awareness. We have been through three extraordinarily challenging years from a planetary and experiential perspective, and many are overwhelmed by the radical shifts and uncertainty. Are we ready to embrace the new cycles of Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces? What else may we prepare for? Four brilliant astrologers will illuminate cultural, political and personal perspectives to navigate 2023.

Diane Trimbath: An Overview of 2023

Wade Caves: A Survey of Seasonal Ingresses

Lynn Bell: Saturn in Pisces: Erasing Boundaries

Anne Ortelee: Pluto in Aquarius

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