OPA LIVE – 2024 – The Year Ahead


Event Recording

This OPA Live featured three dynamic Astrologers sharing their insights on the key astrological transits and planetary patterns of 2024. The discussion provides perspectives on navigating the energies and predictions on what the collective will experience.


Lee Lehman

Should we just Turn off the News in 2024?

2024 is the year of the U.S. presidential election. The Aries Ingress for Washington, DC, features four fixed angles and a fixed Moon. It looks like minds are made up well before the election and that those minds stay entrenched. In 2024, Jupiter and Saturn form their opening square – with Jupiter in Gemini, a sign of Jupiter’s Detriment, no less. This will reactivate all the events of 2020 when the conjunction occurred. Join Lee to decide what we can do about 2024. How can we salvage something good for our clients and ourselves?


Celeste Brooks

U.S.A. Aries Ingress of 2024 – Relationship Dynamics

The Sun’s entrance into Aries births the astrological year. The ingress chart set for Washington, DC, suggests foreign affairs, the educational system, and reproductive rights will dominate the headlines. Battles about ideals will rage as the country is enmeshed in the social upheaval promised by Pluto in Aquarius. Will the rules of civility be rewritten as the South Node transits Libra? This talk will outline what may emerge in the U.S.A. from a cultural perspective and provide suggestions for navigating the challenges.


Wendy Stacey

Turning Insight into Foresight

Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin in April 2024 at 21 Taurus. When these planets (the provokers) conjoin, we often see major advancements and discoveries. In the sign of Taurus, we can expect this to occur in areas of finance and economy, territories and land demarcation, design and craftsmanship, the physical body and our senses, to name just a few… This talk will look at what we can learn from the past to understand what might unfold from this exciting conjunction from a mundane astrology perspective.