OPA LIVE: A Good Look at “Bad” Planets


Recorded : June 2022

A Good Look at “Bad” Planets – Mychal Bryan • Nadiya Shah • Maurice Fernandez • Kathy Rose

Outer planets are often maligned and feared. “When will this transit be over?” we lament when we simply want to get through it. And yet, after the transit is over, we usually count the blessings, appreciate the wisdom and maturity, and acknowledge the release from habitual circumstances. Join us as four expert astrologers discuss the challenges, gifts and blessings as well as the co-creative strategies for working with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Moderators: Kay Taylor & Geoff Gronlund

What Makes a Malefic a Malefic: Starting with Saturn – Mychal Bryan
URANUS, The Audacity to Authenticity – Nadiya Shah
NEPTUNE: The Timelessness of TRUTH – Maurice Fernandez
Cycles for Empowerment: Pluto – Kathy Rose