OPA LIVE: Beyond the Sun – Love & Intimacy


Recorded : September 12, 2021

Beyond the Sun: Love & Intimacy

As we head into the Libra/Scorpio months of the year, our hearts and minds may turn to the topic of relationships, where astrology can be our truest, soul-centered guide.

In our OPA Live panel for the Fall Equinox, four expert astrologers will share their relationship astrology wisdom with you, illuminating soul connection, the path of personal growth, lunar influences, and the role of Venus.

Far beyond the simplicity of Sun sign compatibility, you will learn more about how our own inner needs, strengths, and challenges ultimately tell our relationship story. Love and intimacy begin within.

April Elliott Kent: Natal Lunar Phase & Compatibility
Margaret Gray: What – Rather than Who? Exploring Your Needs in Intimate Relationships
Yvonne Tarnas: Destined Meetings – The Astrology of Fated Connections
Nathan Naicker: Venus in Vedic Astrology

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