OPA LIVE – Charting Your Career Path with Astrology


Recorded June 23 2024

We invite you to delve into the fascinating intersection of astrology, career paths, branding, and business cycles. Whether you desire a career change, seek advancement in your current field, or want tools to plan business decisions, the speakers will empower you with valuable insights and actionable strategies.


Aubrie DeClerck

Beyond Vocational Astrology: Career & Work Chart Synthesis

Join this interactive session where we will explore broader and deeper perspectives on chart interpretation in relationship to work and career. I come from a whole person, coaching approach so I’ll be sharing my philosophy on career transition and development as a foundation for our conversation. You can expect real life client chart examples and actionable delineation techniques you can apply right away. Let’s talk about how we support clients and each other through the pain and joy of being human, and the unique way we experience and express who we are through work life.

Aubrie De Clerck is a Career Coach and Astrologer who helps people open doors to fulfilling work. As a career coach, Aubrie has over 15 years of experience in corporate, non-profit and education environments. She has been a student of astrology for 20+ years and has been supporting clients with career focused astrology sessions since 2011. Aubrie is known for being highly inspirational and deeply practical, meeting clients with a spirit of open-mindedness, warmth, and possibility.


Bronwyn Simons

Success Cycles: Planning for Business and Career Growth with Planetary Cycles

Astrology is a powerful tool for business and career planning. In this brief survey of astrological business planning, Browyn will introduce participants to five key techniques for long and short-term planning.

From aligning daily business activities towards success with the Moon through the lunar zodiac and closing aspects, to planning business quarters most effectively based on personal energy flow and creative capacity with the Sun, to long-range planning for investment of resources with Jupiter, to building a professional legacy with the Saturn quarters, these cycles address the micro and macro of business and career planning.

These techniques don’t only work in theory. Bronwyn uses them daily and supports her clients in using them. They are the techniques she used to build and maintain a thriving six-figure astrology business over the last Saturn Quarter.

Bronwyn Simons is a predictive astrologer and astrology mentor with a worldwide client base and a busy consulting practice. She is beloved by clients and students for her warm, wise, compassionate, and positive style of sharing. She’s an earthy Taurus with a highly intuitive Cancer Moon, and a Scorpio chart signature. Her astrological approach is rooted in the elegant functionality of traditional astrology, informed by her background in art history, literature, depth psychology, and classics, and guided by modern astrological principles of client care and astrology as a tool for personal growth. Her style is practical and embodied, with deep roots in the mystery of the Otherworld. After 30+ years of study and practice, she is truly a master of the esoteric arts.


Faye Blake

Vocational Astrology: Find Your ‘Genius’ and Brand It

Whether you long to find a job that suits you, run a business, or are building a practice, astrology can help. Faye will demonstrate how a horoscope can provide inspiration for finding your true calling. This is what Michael Meane refers to as your ‘genius’, using the original sense of the word which meant ‘that which is exceptional in each person born.’ We each have unique gifts to offer the world. Faye will also give tips for creating your ‘brand’ which can be used in resumes, powerful social media profiles, and websites. Your chart can also help you define your style and communication skills, and identify your talents and services. She will touch on how her approach can help you do this too. Faye’s Vocational Astrology methods described in her book can deepen your knowledge of how to work with clients.

Faye Blake is founder of the Amsterdam School of Astrology. As well as being a very experienced astrologer, Faye is a therapist and business consultant. She has spoken often at major international astrology conferences and taught extensively online. Her book Vocational Astrology, offers acclaimed expertise on career guidance and personal branding using astrology. It forms the basis of her tailor-made Vocational Astrology Apprenticeship program. Faye bring years of experience to her work in business and in working with individuals to find their true calling. She is qualified as an Inner Child Integration therapist. She also holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. Faye is passionate about sharing her knowledge – see her free blog. She loves encouraging people to go for their true vocation, which takes guts. She is known for her creative way of working, and the humour she brings to serious subjects.