OPA LIVE: Reimagining Life with the Gifts of Astrology


Recorded : June 13, 2022

A lot has changed over the past eighteen months. For some, it was a complete wipeout of life as they knew it; others have been hobbling along, while some are busier than ever on the front lines of their fields, including research, technology, and healing.

As astrologers we are asked to support people as they reimagine their life in whatever new, post-2020 direction it is going. A year locked up with a partner, navigating Zoom space, brought many relationships to an end. Some left their jobs to homeschool their children. As remote work became a permanent choice, many have moved to a new location or are still considering a relocation. The loss of loved ones has brought new and old clients in to lean on a trusted astrologer to get through the grief.

To help you deepen your skills in key theme areas, we present OPA Live for June 2021.

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