OPA LIVE – Saturn and Neptune in Pisces


Recorded March 17 2024

Embark on a cosmic voyage to explore the celestial currents of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces and venture into the realms of artistic expression, dreamy inspiration, and the healing energies that may manifest when Saturn’s discipline converges with Neptune’s limitless transcendence, infused with the ethereal waters of Pisces.


Martha Clarke

Relocation and Creativity

Relocating, even for a short while, can help us live a creative life beyond our wildest dreams. I will discuss the importance of understanding our current transits before relocating, as that is usually the underlying drive. I will be discussing the importance on Neptune, Venus and Mercury in helping us access greater creativity and the importance of relocated planets in new house in a new location.

The Moon will also give us a deeper sense of home and connection in a ne location as the Moon is often linked to our true vocation.


Meghna Bhagat

Saturn and Neptune Co-Presence in Pisces: The Upside of Lack and Loss

Sometimes it is lack that induces us to seek and loss that brings us closer to Source.

What happens to the planet of manifestation, grit, time in the enigmatic depths of Neptune and Pisces? How does the diffuse spaciousness of Neptune adapt to Saturn’s fortifying ingress? What dissolves? What gains stability? How do the ‘Old Devil’s’ lack and the ‘Dissolving Agent’s’ loss inspire our spiritual and creative aspirations over the next two years before their two fiery embraces in Aries (August 2025 & February 2026)?

Saturn and Neptune share a rich history. At Neptune’s discovery, they were conjunct in Aquarius. Delve into their narrative and explore their historical co-presences in Pisces. Can invoking their guidance inspire wisdom in the Piscean realms of our natal charts? Let’s go beyond lack and loss and prepare an updated vision befitting our current condition before the fiery initiation of Aries.


Diane Trimbath

Pandemics and the Underlying Signatures of Them

This focuses on a brief study of pandemics over the last 400 years and looks at the repetitive pattern of aspects that are found in pandemics. It looks at several celestial events that trigger expression (ie eclipses as one example) yet all tie into a core chart that is expressing over time. It also covers the positive aftermath of what pandemics provide for our understanding and evolution of man on the planet.

Lets take a look at the astrological history of plagues as pandemics repeat every 100 years:

  • 1720: Plague
  • 1820: Cholera
  • 1920: Spanish Flu
  • 2020: Coronavirus

What is the underlying source of the pattern(s) being created? Learn of the astrological connections, the evolutionary themes and healing aftermath under Neptune’s influence. Each pandemic or calamity elevates our understanding of the environment in which we live, the development of mankind, and how to better prepare for our future!