OPA LIVE – The Healing Wisdom of Medical Astrology


Recorded : June 2023

The Healing Wisdom of Medical Astrology

Medical astrology provides insights into the profound connection between celestial energies and the human body, mind, and Spirit. Medical astrologers can identify potential health predispositions, patterns, and imbalances, allowing for proactive measures and personalized approaches to well-being. This OPA Live panel will showcase the wisdom of three renowned medical astrologers, each exploring a unique topic, with group discussion and Q&A time at the end.
Through medical astrology we can facilitate self-awareness, and empower individuals to take an active role in their physical and emotional well-being. Don’t miss this fascinating presentation. We will all gain a deeper appreciation of the intricate interplay between astrology and true health—for ourselves and for our clients.

Kira Sutherland
Stress and the Rising Sign

The Rising Sign and the first house are the rulers of the physical body and significantly influence our health and well-being. When we experience stress, be it physical or mental, our Ascendant comes to the rescue, trying to protect us from a perceived threat. In this short lecture, Kira will explore how each rising sign reacts when under stress and what we can do via our natal chart to support our body with natural remedies and lifestyle changes.

Kira Sutherland is a highly experienced, award-winning naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and medical astrologer living in Australia. She divides her time between clinical practice and writing/lecturing on these subjects and is known for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style. She has lectured around the world and uses her 25 years of clinical experience and vast knowledge of healing in combination with her passion for medical astrology, into a beautiful mix of mind/body medicine.

Mychal Bryan
The Heart of Classical Medical Astrology

Learn the core elements of classical medical astrology and how you can integrate them into your astrological practice. In this talk, you’ll learn exactly where to look within a chart from a traditional perspective for signatures of diminished vitality and constitutional weakness. You’ll also learn some of the ways these factors can manifest both psychologically and physically within the lives of your clients.

Mychal A. Bryan is a Bahamian-Jamaican astrologer, journalist, author, and clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in hypnotic dreamwork. In May 2023, he published Mastering Traditional Astrology: A Depth of Beginning in the Celestial Art. He is the founder of Oraculos School of Astrology (OSA), where he offers a rigorous training program in concrete, event-based astrology. He practices Renaissance and Uranian Astrology in his client work, focusing largely on predictive and medical astrology research. Within his healing practice, Mychal is also a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) and Jikiden Reiki teacher. An avid student of the Western mystery tradition, he is entrenched in the world of Jewish mysticism, hermeticism, alchemy, geomancy, and the Qabalistic Tarot. To study with Mychal, visit: www.OraculosAstrology.com

Laura DesJardins
Medical Astrology and Lunar Energy

Can you heal your body through the knowledge of astrology? In this lecture Laura combines astrological knowledge, including timing and the use of lunar energy, to show how we can work with astrological energies to promote the body’s natural healing abilities. She will provide insight on the cause and effect of dis-ease in the chart and how to use this knowledge for even practical matters like choosing times to gain and or lose weight, or when to cut your hair using lunar phases and midpoints.

Laura DesJardins is multi-media personality, having been interviewed by many TV, Radio, and national magazines. Laura is the author of Midpoint Keys the report writer and Midpoint Keys the book. She has been the director of SCAN since 1986 and the former director of the Michigan Astrological Association. She has lectured throughout the world and is best known for her work with midpoints. https://lauradesjardins.com/

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