OPA Retreat 2024

Awakening: Celebrating the Aquarian Shift
Connect and Learn

Newpark Resorts, Park City, Utah
October 16 – 21, 2024

Peer Group Registration

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Utah 2024 In Person Peer Group Registration

If you’ve chosen to participate in a peer group as your track for the conference,
you’re in the right place.

FInd all the OPA Peer Group Program details and choose your group leader below.
This program counts towards OPA certification.

Elevate your Astrology Expertise
and Business Savvy

Working with an intimate group of only four astrologers, you will explore a variety of challenging issues astrologers face and have the rare opportunity to discover how your peers do astrology, by giving, receiving, and observing readings. Branding and business planning top off a rewarding 3-day experience.

  • Learn how to handle difficult client situations
  • Elevate your analysis and consultation skills
  • Enhance authentic branding, business planning and marketing

Peer Group is OPA Foundation’s signature program and part of the OPA certification process.

Three Day Immersive Program Details


Challenging Client Situations

In this first day, we share wisdom and vulnerability by speaking about difficult client situations and sessions, exploring issues in an atmosphere of empathy and support. You will present the chart of a client you may have had struggles with and receive valuable perspective on possible solutions. It is surprisingly supportive to understand subtle dynamics through chart comparisons of the client and astrologer, and to discuss problems we usually attempt to handle independently. Consultation confidence, ethical awareness and performance is improved.


Share Your Style of Chart Consultation
with Your Group

Each participant will analyze the chart of another participant and deliver a consultation. This is a perfect way to learn about different techniques and see how astrologers draw different themes from the same chart. In this format we trade places with our clients, learning about different analysis styles. The feedback is constructive and empathic; we learn a lot watching how other astrologers prepare and work with clients.


Branding & Business Development:
Your Vision • Your Business Plan • Your Future

Put numbers to your dreams! We will create Business Plans and share key points within the group, looking at current websites and social media accounts for valuable feedback. You will create a practical plan to grow or stabilize your practice to be successful, fulfilling and enjoyable—for your unique goals. This is a time to discuss how to take things higher, or perhaps scale it down…whatever is in line for your astrology practice and for you to thrive! We nurture our professional development by exploring ways to be realistically successful.

Each group consists of 4 participants plus the group leader

Program Requirements

  • OPA membership
  • 6 months paid consultations as a practicing professional astrologer
  • You must have a 9-month period from any previous peer group.
  • A new peer group leader needs to be selected than in previous peer group participation.

Participating in the Peer Group Process is
one step toward being Certified by OPA!

Learn More About OPA’s Certification Program Here >
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Group Leaders


Louise Edington

Group Leaders

Louise Edington has been studying and practicing Astrology as an interest for over 30 years and working professionally as an Evolutionary Astrologer since 2012. Known as the Cosmic Owl of Cosmic Owl Astrology, Louise loves to combine all of her passions as an Astrologer, writer, Shamanic Practitioner and certified Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapist. Louise helps clients regain a deep connection with the cycles of the Universe so that they create an extraordinary life experience. She provides Astrological counseling, Astrology classes and a Membership Community.

Louise’s two books, “The Complete Guide to Astrology” and “Modern Astrology: Harness the Stars to Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose” are available at all major booksellers including Indie outlets.

Website: www.LouiseEdington.com
Blog: medium.com/@louiseedington
Facebook: Facebook.com/WildWomanUnleashed
Instagram: @cosmicowlastrology


Alexandra Karacostas

Alexandra Karacostas has studied astrology since 1975 and has a consulting practice, specializing in psychological, spiritual and relationship astrology since 1984. She offers consulting services, classes, and contributes articles and monthly columns to various publications, notably the Mountain Astrologer. In 1989, Alexandra co-founded and served as Vice-President of “Synsig”, an NCGR “Sig” group focusing on relationship astrology.

Alexandra is a certified trainer for ISAR’s Consulting Skills program, a group leader for OPA’s Professional Certification Program and is currently a Board member, her role focused on Publications and Organization Liaison.

Website: www.WisdomAstrology.com

Geni Picazo

Geni Picazo

Geni Picazo is an OPA Certified, professional astrologer located in Canada. She is a Peer Group leader and one of the Canadian Satellite coordinators.

As an astrologer, she integrates practical wisdom, insight, and research into every consult. Every day we are met with challenges and decisions that shape our future life. Geni has been using astrology and Tarot to help her clients navigate those avenues to help them find their success, find their joy. All consults are in person or in the virtual space.


Arlan Wise

Arlan Wise has worked as a professional consulting astrologer since 1978. She has been on the Board of Directors of OPA since 1994, serving two terms as president. She is currently OPA’s Director of Education. and was an editor of OPA’s journal, The Career Astrologer. Arlan was instrumental in setting up OPA’s Astrologer’s Retreats, a unique conference experience. Arlan gives writing workshops for astrologers at OPA retreats and conferences. She edits and reviews astrology books.

Website: www.ArlanWise.com

Full Event Registration with Peer Group

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Until April 30


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May 1 – Aug 10


Late Registration

Aug 11 – Oct 11


Includes all retreat presentations, activities, and the Peer Group Program.

Travel Insurance

Due to the natural uncertainties of life, OPA strongly suggests taking the time to consider travelers insurance. It is advised to purchase travelers’ insurance as soon as possible after retreat and airfare purchase. In some cases, there is a 14-day limit for full coverage.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation on or before 1-July, full refund less $75 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation on or before 10-August, 50% refund less $75 cancellation fee.
  • Any cancellation on or after 11-August, is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations are transferable if you are able to find someone to take your place.

Payment Plans

If you select to pay with a payment plan, the initial payment is paid now at checkout, then your credit card will be automatically billed each month for the period indicated. Click the View More link for the payment plan above to view the payment schedule.

During checkout you'll be required to create an account on this website. Please keep your account username and password safe to log in and view your account page and billing history.

Payment plans are available with the following schedule:

  • Until May 31: As shown above (choose options)
  • Until June 30: 50% down, 25% by July 31, 25% by Aug 31
  • Until July 31: 50% down, 50% by Aug 31

Scholarship Application

OPA offers full and partial scholarships for our Immersion Trainings that may lead to certification. This includes scholarship opportunities for this retreat. We are committed to making top quality astrology education and connection accessible to the community.

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