Roy Gillett: Goodbye Past, Hallo Future


Recorded: January 2024

As we grapple with last-ditch attempts to understand and resolve twenty-first-century problems with the bodged-up tools of eighteenth-century economics and political strategy, is AI a dangerous interloper getting in the way, or does/will it contain answers to our problems? Roy will track and interpret key astro-cycles to seek and explain answers. Is a world organized and motivated by things and the economics of possession past its sell-by date? What are the disadvantages and advantages of a society based on the infinite variety of ideas? What would it look like? What would/should replace materialism, to be its essential binding element?

Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons Ldn) President UK’s The Astrological Association, full-time astrologer since 1976, software adviser since 1988 [especially Solar Fire], astro-finance researcher, international conference speaker and organizer, experiential camps facilitator. Roy has published mundane forecasts, with a compassionate karmic focus from 1978 and edited English translations of two key André Barbault books. Roy’s bi-monthly column has been published in ‘The Astrological Journal’ since 2002. That column’s key passages, with significant historical references and illustrations, are now in his book ‘Working with the Planets Clear Understanding Better Decisions’. His other books include ‘Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth’, ‘Economy, Ecology and Kindness’, ‘The Secret Language of Astrology’ and ‘Reversing the Race to Global Destruction’.