Sol Jonassen: The Karma of the Planets


Each planet has a story–a karmic imprint–due to the previous cycles and their aspects in the chart. Each transit cycle shows how they were solved or utilized. Therefore, a transit is a trigger to karmic patterns. When we look at transits this way it is evident that this changes the notion that some transits are bad and others are beneficial. A Jupiter transit to Venus, rumored to be an optimistic and abundant transit, can therefore be a dark and intense time for someone who has intense and challenging experiences and/or aspects to their Venus. Thus, a transit is relative to the chart and to the evolution of consciousness that has been gained. In this lecture, we will explore this theme and see how the chart can be explored as a journey from karma (unconscious creation) to dharma (conscious creation).

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Sunday, October 16, 2022
10:00 am Pacific
1:00 pm Eastern
17:00 UTC
19:00 CEST (Norway)