Sue Minahan: USA Venus Star Point Return – Oct 23, 2026


Recorded : July 2023

If Venus represents love and inclusivity, then understanding a nation’s natal Venus Star Point (VSP) holds great importance to know national consciousness. The USA natal Venus Star Point was October 24, 1775, at 01deg02 Scorpio. On October 23, 2026, the USA begins experiencing its natal Venus Star Point return when Venus and Sun meet at 00deg44 Scorpio. How can the USA use its talents, direct its purpose, and know the depth of its perspectives? How does the USA course-correct its path by connecting to a value system that supports all relationships? No easy task, but the 5-pointed Venus Star point offers clues for how to build through shared energy. The roles the VSP play adjust with the ever-shifting orbit cycles to lead our metamorphic evolution we hope to one of wholeness.

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