William Morris: Declination: Depth and Anatomy


Recorded : August 2023

This class will focus on a novel approach to assigning anatomy to the declination field. This perspective allows one to see the depth of pathology, and sophisticated Taoist herbal medicine practices such as the three treasures and early Han Dynasty assessing and treating the five tissue layers. We will discuss the method presented in the Evolving Astrologer 2023 Solstice Issue article titled Declination, Anatomy, and Pathology: a tool for expanding concepts of medical astrology. The concept has roots in the practice of Yellow Path acupuncture, whereby declination is used to establish the depth of needle insertion.

Will Morris practiced astrology since 1977. He subsequently studied herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy, using astrology as a central feature of his practice. His preferred tool for herbal medicine is within the schools of Cosmobiology and vibrational astrology. He blends Western astrology and Jyotish to understand the Constitution and primary regions of focus within life for homeopathy. We will use midpoint structures for a sound healing event’s focal point of frequencies. The use of astrology in his Chinese medical practice has led to novel concepts for weaving the sky together with the meridians, and that will be the basis of his forthcoming book Sky and Meridian.

To learn more about William please visit: www.MedAstro.com