OPA Astrology Store LogoShipwreck of Baten Kaitos

by Barış İlhan

In 2003 in an astrology conference I met Diana Rosenberg, “the leading authority on Fixed Stars” (as said by Robert Hand). When she learned my birthdate, she said “Baten Kaitos”. I asked “What is Baten Kaitos?”. She replied, “The fixed star on your Sun. It is on my Sun too!” I asked her what it means, she said, “Shipwrecks”. To tell you the truth, it didn’t make any sense, so I left the subject there. Once in a while, I remembered her words, but I didn’t investigate the meaning of Baten Kaitos or I didn’t think about it in a symbolical sense. I took it literally, and since I prefer airplanes for my journeys, and I am not a sea person, I didn’t care. I thought, if one day I plan to go on a cruise trip, it maybe a good idea to remember Baten Kaitos.

Then in 2010, I read an interview with Diana made by Edith Hathaway*. There it all made sense. Here is a passage from the interview: EH: How can we determine if a Fixed Star will give results in terms of all that has been attributed to a given star?

DKR: The short answer is, you can’t! There are too many variables (the rest of the chart, for instance), and how a person lives his life, and what choices he is making. I think a good example here is former Senator and Vice President Albert Gore. (Mar 31, 1948, 12:53 PM EST, Washington, DC). His Midheaven (tropical 21:52 Aries) is aligned with a famous shipwreck star, Baten Kaitos, Zeta Ceti in the constellation of Cetus, the Sea-Monster or Whale, (Tropical position 22 Aries, Sidereal position 28 Pisces).

Baten Kaitos is a stormy star, known for shipwrecks, possibly with rescue, and drowning. (Right opposite it is another shipwreck star, Foramen, Eta Carinae.) Baten Kaitos was at the North lunar node at the Titanic disaster, and shows up in many shipwreck charts. At the peak of his career, when Al Gore ran for U.S. President in 2000, even though he won the popular vote by more than half a million, he lost the election on technicalities and so was “shipwrecked” – left high and dry without even a job or any kind of public position. This is an example of how this star might work in an individual’s chart. With Baten Kaitos, there will be at least one instance in the life where the person will have to deal with a shocking, staggering displacement and have to somehow find a way to restart his or her life. Gore, of course, has become a spokesman for the international environmental movement, and even received a Nobel Prize for his efforts. Here is a quote from my book:
“Baten Kaitos is one of the most frequently found stars involved in shipwrecks, and these people may at some time find themselves left ‘high and dry,’ broken on the rocks of life; yet this is an area of great breakthroughs and transformations and after they pull through, they have much to offer from the depths of their experiences, often ending up with a strong sense of personal destiny….”

After reading this interview, I started to think about my Baten Kaitos. How I changed all my life in 1993 when transit Uranus was squaring my Sun. How I quited my job as an urban planner, sold my house, moved to another neighborhood, how my lover died in a car accident. It was a real shipwreck, and I started all over again, this time as an strologer with a strong sense of destiny. I want to take this opportunity to thank Baten Kaitos and Diana Rosenberg. (Diana passed away on June 1, 2012, when Part of Fortune was on Baten Kaitos)

* You can reach the interview from this link: http://edithhathaway.com/pdf/DianaKRosenberginterview.pdf