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The Leo-Aquarius Nodal Axis Transit

by Kim Marie

(May 9, 2017 to Nov 6, 2018)

The nodal axis ingress into Leo-Aquarius will shift individual and collective consciousness into creativity and activism on egoic or emotional levels. Whether this happens on an inclusive or exclusive basis remains to be seen. The mean motion of the Moon’s tropical nodal axis reverses through the zodiac, with the North Node moving through Leo while the South Node moves through Aquarius from May 9, 2017 to November 6, 2018. As the current North Node in Virgo-South Node in Pisces transit winds down, there is still opportunity to make sense of recent changes taking place in our world and decide how to personally be involved in any group efforts to shift the direction forward.

Kim Marie Chart

A look at the culminating Pisces/Virgo Nodes

Before looking at the possibilities and potentials with this new nodal axis transit, let us first consider the larger backdrop that our collective emotional evolutionary process is interacting with – the first quarter phase of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn. The “crisis in action” 90-degree squares (2012-2015) between these two power points are now revealing the struggle between liberating ourselves into the future versus keeping control of the past. This could also be described as the battle between more liberal or inclusive principles versus conservative or exclusive principles. Both sides feel the insecurity of new Uranian upsets threatening to break down established Plutonian structures.

Through this undercurrent, the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis transit will bring a mixture of revolutionary leaps forward as well as some traumatic paralysis causing us to maintain the status quo. Individually, this process is always about recognizing personal self-responsibility as we co-create with the universe. The archetype of Pisces (12th House/Neptune) teaches us that ultimately there is no victimization; there is only conscious and/or unconscious co-creation with whatever our perception of universal source is, even including a rejection of divinity altogether. Human religious distortions condition us to believe we are powerless and we tend to give our power away to this source, reinforcing a sense of victimization in this imperfect world. Natural spiritual principles reveal that the co-creation process is empowering us and encouraging healthy boundaries as we recognize our role (Virgo/6th House/Mercury polarity) in this grand evolutionary journey. How has the South Node in Pisces emotionally re-aligned your world? Victim or co-creator?

The North Node in Virgo energizes us forward according to our perceptions. The woundedness of false or limited beliefs (Pisces) may lead to procrastinations, excuses, escapism, etc. which then create the famous “crisis” as the mutability of Virgo demands change. Have you utilized your disillusionments and crises to understand the emotional and physical changes necessary in your world to move onward? Do you recognize how communion with a universal source requires you to “pray with your feet?” One foot in front of the other as movement (Virgo) creates the necessary spiritual, mental and emotional processing in our life to make whatever changes are in front of us.

The Nodal Axis in Aquarius/Leo with rulers Uranus and Sun

Now let us consider the continual unfoldment and understanding our emotional or egoic past: South Node in Aquarius. These traumas of the past – this life and previous lives – may be revisited and/or re-experienced in order to bring them into consciousness. The intent is observe with detachment and objectivity as to the “whys” of what has wounded us in the past. This allows us to break free into a new sense of self: North Node in Leo. This is the context that now gives way to the nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius for the next 18 months, with its corresponding eclipse highlights.

Clues to the past will be found with our natal Uranus signature (ruler of Aquarius) by house and sign and their rulers, as well its aspects. Include activity with your natal 11th House as well as the house cusp(s) that Aquarius rules. Transiting Uranus in Aries by natal house will initiate new insights into this emotional past. What old beliefs (Pisces) need to be released around these old traumatic wounds?

The danger is becoming trapped in the intensity and distortions of the traumas. We can become stuck in our old patterns and beliefs, our story. We rapidly defend the past and fight against anything or anyone that threatens current securities. Ultimately, the archetype of Uranus/Aquarius/11th House is to liberate from the past and find the courage (Sun/Leo/5th House) to move forward into an unknown future. However, that is not how the consensus world operates. Tomorrow is feared; the Uranian upsets manifest to the degree natural evolution is resisted, or natural laws are suppressed. For example, imagine this for a moment with regard to climate change denial.

Aquarius is an archetype, via the fixed modality and air element, that also has us searching for a common mindset as an extension of security through its changes via the active polarity. This falls into three possibilities, and relates to emotionally comforting words – friendship, community, tribe, etc.

One Aquarian mindset is commonly known as the “avant-garde” (the future) of any society or group. These individuals embrace change and follow through on their visionary insights. They sense the path forward in relation to the events of today and the effects of the past. Many times they are rejected by society as being wrong, or just plain weird. They feel the pressure of current regressive events and possible setbacks to their progressive nature.

A second possible manifestation is the polar opposite – those who resist change (the past) as threatening to their current securities and societal structures. Tomorrow will never be as good as yesterday. They either cannot see, or refuse to consider, that jobs lost to automation will not be coming back. This is the Saturnian effect to Uranian change. We have all heard some of our elders (and consensus consciousness) voice comments to this effect.

The third possible mindset are those in the middle (the present), swaying between moving forward and resisting it. They become influenced by the emotional triggers of their own insecurities. These people tend to decide the results of U.S. presidential elections. They may or may not objectively understand why their individual past is what it is, and what is required to change – for their own health, and the society they live in. This may include an inability to objectively understand collective patterns, falsehoods, misinformation, biases, fake news, beliefs, etc.

These three Aquarian mindsets ebb and flow as they create all the individual and collective evolutionary choices at any moment in any point in space/time. This is the real foundation to both the liberal and conservative populist movements currently taking place all over the world. Wow, this story remains to be written…. How will you choose to be involved as the transiting South Node in Aquarius unfolds and triggers your world? What are your unique North Node in Leo choices in exploring your talents and evolving role in society?

Real evolution is represented by the transiting North Node in Leo. Opportunities will depend directly upon our evolving sense of creative self-actualization in response to societal needs, rather than our own, and the evolving emotional courage to activate change accordingly.

The clues moving forward will be found with our natal Sun signature (ruler of Leo) by house and sign and their rulers, as well its aspects. Include activity with your natal 5th House as well as the house cusp(s) that Leo rules. The transiting Sun around your chart will initiate any new possibilities forward on a monthly basis relative to your natal Sun/Leo/5th House signatures.

A common distortion with Leo is emotional insecurity that looks for safety outside of self rather than within. This can be the incessant love affairs exploding in our face, versus learning to deeply self-love first. It can be the “starving artist syndrome” whereby our fantastic idea or creation doesn’t even get off the ground. Sooner or later, we will revisit the trauma/drama patterns that rock our world. The intent is to detach and objectify (Aquarius) what happened, and why it happened, to be followed by the courage to change as necessary on an individual basis according to societal needs and readiness.

Another Leo distortion is narcissism, everything and everyone revolves around me and my needs. Astrology looks at this as some type of arrested emotional development, the emotional self-reliance and maturation distortions of Cancer projected onto the next sign of Leo.

The Aquarius/Leo Nodal Axis and the US Chart

Perhaps the most famous example right now is the new U.S. president Donald Trump with his 30° Leo ascendant, willing to say whatever it takes to be noticed without any regard to objectivity of truth versus lie. Another example is the United States natal North Node Leo-South Node Aquarius nodal axis in July 4, 1776 charts, that is reflected in clichés such as “the greatest country on Earth” and “leader of the free world.” These phrases may not be shared by other countries; reinforcing a perception that the U.S. is actually a bully, forcing its ideas on to everyone else as it plays world cop.

We may also include the fact that both commonly-used July 4, 1776 charts (2:13am and 5:10pm, Philadelphia, PA) have Moon in Aquarius, which represents the collective citizenry, especially its emotional security. Reflect for a moment on how the U.S. has vacillated between open-mindedness – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” – and exclusionary fearfulness – “build a wall” and indigenous genocide perpetrated on others to establish this country.

South Node in Aquarius will move over the natal U.S. Moon May-June, 2017 for the 5:10pm chart and November, 2017 for the 2:13am chart. Which side – inclusive versus exclusive – will prevail? It could easily take the first U.S. Pluto return at 28° Capricorn in 2022 (and beyond) to resolve this choice, while the nodal axis transit may bring the issue into collective consciousness in more real and objective ways. How can a nation of immigrants, who almost completely destroyed the native Indian people, now demand that further immigration become restrained? Were the societal rules of the original Americans honored? Leonian – my way or the highway – will be exposed. Who can objectively recognize it?

The transiting nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius may take us down a class warfare path – racial, religious, sexual and gender inequalities, or my country is better than your country. It remains to be seen which groups are most motivated to act – inclusive or exclusive – and how interactions between the differing perspectives unfold. The nodal axis transit will be most active around these themes during summer 2018 in the U.S. charts, as American citizens experience a collective Leo-Aquarius nodal axis return, just in time for mid-term election primaries and statewide ballot issues to heat up.

Evolving the archetype of Leo (Sun, 5th House) requires a sense of self that is grounded in self-love on a deep, inner basis. It includes an ability to recognize the life force within our self and to recognize and honor it in others as well. It is the same with creativity. We all have a role to play on the stage of life. Together we can create phenomenal change. Our living, breathing emotional connection to all species of life has the potential to be metamorphosed into new creative outlets as needed wherever we find ourselves on planet Earth through the transiting North Node in Leo. As the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis transit evolves from the Virgo-Pisces transit, can we recognize the equality of all species and their equal right for consideration moving forward creatively?

The Pluto in Leo Generation

Consider how the North Node in Leo may impact the Pluto in Leo generation (1936/37/38 to 1956/57). The potential is for an egoic or emotional metamorphosis on deep soul levels. The distortion is clinging to old security needs to be better, best than any other group. The consensus is that the Pluto in Leo generation isn’t necessarily aging gracefully and passing along the baton. Many will face natural mortality lessons.

For the most part, this generation received the best of the economic growth after WWII and collectively enjoy Social Security and Medicare benefits in the U.S., the latter both implemented under Uranus-Pluto hard angles in 1935 and 1965 respectively. As the South Node in Aquarius passes over their natal Pluto polarity points (evolutionary intent), will they recognize the need to share the collective wealth, or will it continue to congregate to the 1%? Will they privatize these public benefits, or worse yet dismantle them? Will they find the courage to make the necessary changes that ensure future generations also enjoy health and retirement securities?

Much will be written about President Trump over the next four years. His 30° Leo ascendant along with Mars (27°) and Pluto (10°) in Leo will ensure that this nodal axis transit keeps him in the spotlight. The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse at 29° Leo across the U.S. will be exact on his ascendant. Will the citizenry recognize that instead of “draining the swamp” he flooded it with more plutocrats intent on destroying social progress and increasing inequality? Is Trump more invested in his own ego on the throne of power or the good of the U.S. citizenry?

Time will tell, however the early indications do not look good. This entire Leo-Aquarius nodal axis transit will shine a light on who Trump really is, and where his real alliances reside. Almost every solar and lunar eclipse through this transit is within orb of his natal Mars, Pluto and ascendant – power points to the max. It may ignite massive public protests and energize both liberal and conservative mindsets as they realize just how much they were conned by all the financial elites. While President Trump read the electoral economic frustrations correctly, his solutions are firmly entrenched with Pluto in Capricorn control and exclusiveness. It will remain to be seen if his egoic need to be noticed (Leo) will respond to the actual needs of the citizenry (Aquarius).

Just as the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in 1821 at 2°-3° Capricorn initiated all the massive upsets and collective economic displacements through accelerating the industrial revolution, the same is happening now from the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions at 18°-20° Capricorn. This time it is a technological explosion on a much larger magnitude than the last one, and is taking place on a global scale much more actively. Manufacturing jobs are not coming back; robots will replace humans at an increasingly faster pace. Multi-national corporations will do whatever they can get away with. Unless we invest in our real resource – humanity – many will continue to be left behind, and inequality may reach ridiculous new levels. The Leo-Aquarius nodal axis transit may be a prelude to what we can expect through Pluto in Aquarius 2023/24 – 2043.

There are a lot of other astrological factors involved. This article focused upon the emerging emotional awareness of potential downfalls and opportunities of the Leo-Aquarius polarity. Objective Aquarius shows us where we need to be a “group of one” in order to find the Leonian willpower to individualize and do whatever is best for our self and others equally, as our societies reveal how and where they need our help and creativity. From the collective need – Aquarius – arises new creativity – Leo. Invoke the visionary qualities of Aquarius to show you how and where to shine your love and life force in the world. It will take a global village to stand up for each and every one of us, including all species, on this small rock around the Sun.

Two bios, longer one for background information:
Kim Marie is the Director of the Evolutionary Astrology Network. She has practiced EA for over 30 years and counsels an international clientele. Kim Marie is also a Deep Memory Processing past-life regression therapist. 605-348-5111 or www.evolutionaryastrology.net

Kim Marie is the Director of the Evolutionary Astrology Network. She oversees the EAN’s Evolutionary Astrology Course worldwide and teaches via webinars, focusing on the basics of EA and forecasting. She has studied and practiced Evolutionary Astrology for 30+ years and counsels an international clientele. Her background includes experience in alternative healing and environmental politics. Kim Marie is a certified Master Gardener and a Deep Memory Processing past-life regression therapist. She is also an independent Facilitator for the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness (EMC²) – a leading edge computerized spiritual technology for 24/7/365 self-healing via photographs. She resides on a beautiful piece of paradise in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband LeRoy – General Manager for EAN.