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By Theodore Naicker

In the previous column, we discussed a viewpoint of the Nodes of the Moon and what that means for the zodiac signs. Let’s talk a bit more about the zodiac signs and their controllers.

The Sun Signs

All astrology originated with the observation of the stars and the planetary movements in the night sky. So ancient forms of astrology were sidereal in nature. We are essentially intimately connected with the starry sky; scientifically we now know that every resource or material element was originated in space. Our daily and yearly time cycles are nothing but dynamics in our awareness due to the spatial relationship between the Earth and its closest star, our physical Sun. A growing field of Cosmobiology is the understanding of the link of natural biological systems with the stars. There is a lot we are still learning about our connection to our neighbourhood.

ion to our neighbourhood. The word used to denote a zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology is rāśi. One meaning of the word is an indication of an “accumulation of something”. The Vedic paradigm follows the theory of transmigration of souls i.e. beings have descended into the various localized solar system via stellar gateways for evolutionary experiences. Since the descent of the soul has happened through stellar gateways, the stars are lights indicating the various karma “packets” or “quanta”. The sidereal signs therefore are conceived of as holding or indicating the accumulation of karma or action-reaction dynamics coincident with that descent. The planets are simply functions which trigger these as experiences with respect to time.

We can liken the twelve signs to a physical body, which also accumulates and holds food substance within it. The body also has energy and vitality and there is an animation to the body that is operated by the power of will. So there must be some way to denote that. What is enlivening the karma? What dictates the direction of the willpower which animates the karma?

We also understand that the power that is animating the physical body is also an indication of the individual or the self seemingly within the body. So, the energy that is activating the karma of the signs also gives an indication of the nature of the self behind the karma, its intentions and priorities for how the material energy covering it is directed through life.

The Twelve Forms of the Sun

In Vedic Astrology, the energy that is activating, enlivening, and directing the static karma accumulated in the signs are called Āditya. There are twelve Āditya, twelve forms of the Sun as it appears to transits through space. For example, Parjanya Āditya activates and directs the transformation of karma contained in Scorpio. There are mantras and other magical procedures to connect with these Āditya, who give us the knowledge on how to best deal with the material karma of the signs. This is important, because it’s not helpful to just know that you’re going to have a tough time at work in the next two years, but it is helpful to receive the knowledge about how to optimize or better that situation and also receive the energy and willpower access in order to carry that out efficiently.

I am using the English names of the zodiac signs so that it is easier to follow. But do bear in mind that in Vedic Astrology, the terminology is quite different. Here is a short list of associations of each Āditya. The full set of techniques of using Āditya in assessing the energy level, willpower, and direction of life is one of the first topics studied in traditional Vedic Astrology.

  • ARIES: Savitr Āditya. Creative, idealist, leadership.
  • TAURUS: Aryamān Āditya. Lineage, marriage, family, traditions.
  • GEMINI: Mitra Āditya. Friendship, intellectual, agreements.
  • CANCER: Varuna Āditya. Law and order, enforcing norms.
  • LEO: Indra Āditya. Showmanship, politicking.
  • VIRGO: Vivasvan Āditya. Devotion, service, purity.
  • LIBRA: Pūshan Āditya. counter-culture, business ventures, travel.
  • SCORPIO: Parjanya Āditya. Research, occult, revival, espionage.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Amshumān Āditya. Spirituality, justice, fairness.
  • CAPRICORN: Bhaga Āditya. Industrious, unyielding, having “the good life”.
  • AQUARIUS: Tvashtr Āditya. Unique skills, diplomacy, innovation.
  • PISCES: Vishnu Āditya. Wisdom, fantasy, creativity, covert.
The Three Zodiacs